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HR & Payroll Administrator
5 months ago | 557 views | 2 applications

HR & Payroll Administrator

Per year
$35,000 To $45,000

About the company

Cryptio is a financial data analysis tool for cryptocurrencies. It helps crypto CFOs & CPAs easily automate accounting, bookkeeping and tax reporting for their digital assets. The tool consolidates all cryptocurrency transaction data from multiple wallet & exchange sources, and translates it into data usable for accounting and financial analysis. We take away the headache of regulations, audits, taxes and accounting for crypto firms so that they can focus on what they do best.

Job Summary


📍TA Administration: 📍Assist in the recruitment processes, managing job postings and coordinating interviews. 📍Facilitate the onboarding of new hires, ensuring a smooth integration into the organization. 📍Payroll & Invoice Management: 📍Handle payroll processing and address related inquiries. 📍Understand and manage UK and French payroll systems, with knowledge of US payroll as a valuable asset. 📍Process and pay monthly invoices 📍Employee Records and Benefits: 📍Maintain accurate digital employee records. 📍Handle the benefits administration and be the 1st point of contact for our providers. 📍Assist employees with benefits enrollment and inquiries, ensuring compliance with UK and French regulations. 📍Time and Attendance: 📍Monitor and track employee attendance precise records. 📍Policy Implementation: 📍Assist in the implementation and communication of HR policies and procedures. 📍Ensure employees are informed and compliant with organizational policies. 📍Employee Relations: 📍Address routine employee inquiries and concerns. 📍Assist in conflict resolution and grievance procedures. 📍Compliance and Legal Support: 📍Ensure compliance with UK and French labour laws and regulations. 📍Assist in documentation for audits and legal compliance. 📍HR Reporting: 📍Generate and analyze HR reports on various metrics. 📍Assist the Head of People in preparing comprehensive HR reports. 📍Communication: 📍Facilitate communication between employees and the HR department. 📍Assist in the distribution of internal HR communications.


📍To be successful in this role, you should have: 📍Proven experience as an HR & Payroll Administrator or in a similar role. 📍Proficient understanding of UK and French payroll and benefits systems. 📍Knowledge of US payroll is a strong advantage. 📍Strong organizational and communication skills. 📍Able to work in a scale up environment - Things can get pretty hectic, but they're also a lot of fun and you'll always have support of your colleagues! 📍Attention to detail and a commitment to confidentiality. 📍Experience working with Rippling (HRIS & Payroll) and Ashby (ATS) is a bonus, but we'll make sure to give you solid training if you don't have this experience!

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