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Rome Protocol
EVM Client Rust Engineer
26 days ago | 113 views | Be the first one to apply

EVM Client Rust Engineer


About the company

Rome Protocol is building a shared sequencer network leveraging Solana. Shared sequencers solve the biggest problems for Ethereum’s rollup-centric future. Using Solana as a shared sequencer leverages a well-tested, secure, and high throughput network to solve these problems. We are building a shared sequencer that can be integrated with any Ethereum based rollups. It is intended to be used for thousands of rollups. We work in person from our Los Angeles and New York offices, and are remote friendly.

Job Summary


📍EVM Client Development: Design and write high-quality code for Rome's EVM Client in Rust. Develop logic to interact with the Rome EVM Solana Program. 📍Ethereum Transaction Emulation: Integrate EVM Client with the Rome API to enable emulation and execution of Ethereum transactions on Solana. 📍Integration with EVM Clients: Integrate various EVM Clients for OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, and ZK Stack. 📍Quality Assurance: Guarantee the design quality, reliability, and performance of developed solutions through comprehensive testing strategies. 📍Continuous Improvement: Continuously refine and upgrade implemented modules based on business demands, user feedback, and evolving design trends.

Skills and Experience

📍Software Engineering: 4+ years of software engineering experience including 2+ years dedicated to developing high-performance, high-concurrency, and low-latency systems. 📍Rust Proficiency: Proficient in Rust with 2+ years of experience, coupled with a strong background in C++ or another low-level/systems programming language. 📍Communication and Documentation: Excellent communication and design documentation skills, and a strong grasp of software lifecycle and teamwork. 📍Academic Background: Academic degree in Computer Science or a related field, with a strong focus on software design, or equivalent professional experience.

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