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CMDB Expert
at D-ploy
about 1 month ago | 105 views | Be the first one to apply

CMDB Expert


About the company

D-ploy is an IT and Engineering Solutions company with operations throughout the EMEA region including Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, UK, as well as the USA. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and superior services and solutions to numerous industry-leading clients. By building relationships and trusted partnerships within the IT community, we optimize our customer‘s IT productivity and contribute to the organization’s success and value. We are interested in talking to engaging, flexible, and solution-oriented individuals who are looking to become a part of a dynamically growing and international organization. We are focused on creating value where IT counts, join us!

Job Summary

Tasks and Responsibilities

📍Requirements Analysis and Stakeholder Engagement: Capture requirements and expectations of stakeholders. 📍Identify relevant IT and OT systems, processes, and data to be integrated into the CMDB. 📍Establish a communication plan to regularly inform and involve stakeholders. 📍Design and Architecture: 📍Design the structure and architecture of the enhanced CMDB system considering identified requirements and integrations (data validation tools). 📍Define data standards, classifications, and relationships between configuration items. 📍Develop a concept for integrating external providers and complying with SLAs and KPIs. 📍Implementation and Testing: 📍Implement the enhanced CMDB solution according to the design and architecture. 📍Conduct comprehensive testing to ensure functionality, data integrity, and performance of the CMDB. 📍Validate integrations with external providers and monitor compliance with SLAs and KPIs. 📍Training: 📍Conduct training and workshops for staff to familiarize them with the enhanced CMDB system and updated SACM processes. 📍Transition and Operations: 📍Plan the transition from the old to the new CMDB solution and ensure all data is migrated correctly. 📍Monitor the operation of the enhanced CMDB and make adjustments as needed to optimize performance and data quality. 📍Establish regular review and improvement cycles. 📍Monitoring: 📍Establish a system to monitor SLAs and KPIs to measure CMDB performance and compliance with service agreements.


📍Minimum of 5 years of experience in IT Service Management, Configuration Management, or related field. 📍Proven experience in requirements analysis and stakeholder engagement. 📍Strong background in designing and architecting IT systems, particularly CMDB solutions. 📍Experience in implementing and testing CMDB solutions, ensuring functionality, data integrity, and performance. 📍Familiarity with integrating external providers and ensuring compliance with SLAs and KPIs. 📍Previous involvement in training and workshops for staff on CMDB systems and SACM processes. 📍Demonstrated ability to plan and execute transitions between CMDB solutions, including data migration. 📍Experience in monitoring and optimizing CMDB performance and data quality. 📍Proven track record in establishing and maintaining systems for monitoring SLAs and KPIs. 📍Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for capturing requirements and engaging stakeholders effectively.

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