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AI Communication Designer
5 months ago | 570 views | 4 applications

AI Communication Designer


About the company

We're a team of 18 to help Creators & brands to make meaningful AR experiences - with location-based AR, own AI & NFT, great team and traction + Google partner.

Job Summary


Please only apply if you know what AUTOMATIC1111 stands for. šŸ“Design Development: Use generative AI tools to create compelling and immersive visual experiences for our users. You will create, test, and refine designs that enhance the marketing of the product and the user's interaction with our product. šŸ“Brand Consistency: Ensure that all visuals align with our and our partners' brand identities, enhancing our brandā€™s recognition in the market. You will work closely with our marketing and product teams to ensure consistent visual language across all channels. šŸ“Content Creation: Work with our content team to create engaging promotional materials for both print and digital platforms, leveraging AI tools where appropriate. šŸ“Collaboration: Work in tandem with our multidisciplinary team, including AI specialists, UI designers, and journalists, to create an innovative product that stands out in the market.


Please only apply if you know what AUTOMATIC1111 stands for. šŸ“Educational Background: A Bachelor's degree in Design, Computer Science, or a related field - or practical experience to match. šŸ“Generative AI Knowledge: Familiarity with generative AI, its principles, and how to use it effectively in design work. Prior experience is a plus, e.g. working with Stable Diffusion. šŸ“Design Skills: Proficiency in graphic design software such as Adobe Creative Suite. Experience with 3D UI is a plus. šŸ“Collaborative Spirit: Ability to work well in a collaborative environment, integrating feedback from various stakeholders to refine and improve your designs. šŸ“Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English; German language skills are a plus.

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