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OnramperCrypto Jobs

Onramper is a startup with big ambitions. Onramper is rapidly bridging the world of $/€ and the world of BTC/ETH. We provide the fastest and easiest plug-and-play fiat-to-crypto onramp integration that apps/websites can use to allow their users to buy cryptocurrencies. We aggregate the services offered by fiat-to-crypto payment gateways in a single widget and open API, and subsequently offer a single plug to any party that wishes to build with crypto. By doing so, we’ve become the first-ever fiat gateway service provider, streamlining global payments on the intersection between fiat and crypto. We’re in an exciting phase of growth, but are only just getting started. Across the hires we aim to make, we look for a candidate that fits into the vision of our company: Firstly, we are building a startup because we want to enjoy our working life. This means we aim to build a healthy work environment based on personal fulfillment, trust, empathy, and honest communication. Second, we are ambitious and vision-driven. We aim to help people build and access the world of crypto, by bridging the financial world of today and the world of tomorrow. We fundamentally believe in decentralization and the potential of cryptocurrencies, and have a burning itch to accelerate this movement. Finally, disrupting the frontiers of finance and payments excites us. Turning disruptive ideas into rapid growth gives us that special feeling in our stomachs; a feeling of excitement, joy and fulfillment.