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HiroCrypto Jobs

It was 2013 when Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea started the Stacks project at the Princeton Computer Science Department. Shortly after, they went through Y Combinator and attracted other Princeton scientists to work on Stacks. They founded Hiro, then named Blockstack PBC, to support the development and growth of Stacks. Today, Hiro is one of many companies that works on Stacks. Hiro contributes to Stacks’ core infrastructure and open-source libraries and builds products like the Stacks Wallet and Stacks Explorer. We’re a globally distributed team that includes scientists from Princeton, Stanford, MIT and other top universities.

4 Jobs Found

3 months ago | 303 views | 4 applications
New York
$115,000 To $180,000 per year
about 1 year ago | 972 views | 7 applications
Remote, Zurich, Bangkok, Asia, Europe, United Kingdom
$75,000 To $130,000 per year
over 1 year ago | 895 views | 4 applications
$100,000 To $130,000 per year