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Blockswap LabsCrypto Jobs

Blockswap Labs is a research & development firm dedicated to making blockchain technology accessible to mainstream users. We build permissionless middle layers for Web3 and PoS blockchain adoption, catalyzing crypto asset adoption for the masses. As core contributors to the Blockswap Network and Proof of Neutrality Network, we are committed to building credibly neutral public benefit infrastructure that catalyzes the adoption of cryptocurrencies, Etheruem blockchain, and EVM benefits to a wide range of users and protocols. Our team is diverse and distributed and is known for leading the charge in frontier tech like MEV PBS implementation, Encrypted Mempool, ZK proof Routers, state Replication Gadget, and MPC as a service. We’re passionate believers in an Ethereum future driven by rollups, with a keen focus on security and formal methods in all our protocol innovations.