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Far Out Scout
Web3 Gaming Researcher/Analyst
3 months ago | 567 views | 3 applications

Web3 Gaming Researcher/Analyst

Per year
$80,000 To $100,000

About the company

A crypto-focused organization emerged during the 2017 crypto-boom to spotlight innovators and expose fraudulent activities. Subsequently, it secured $2 million in late 2018. Originating from New York, the organization has evolved into a global news and research entity spanning various time zones. Now, it endeavors to provide retail investors with insights akin to those of insiders. Through a systematic evaluation of numerous crypto projects, it delivers valuable insights to subscribers and remains committed to reporting relevant news and emerging trends in the industry.

Job Summary


📍Stay abreast of the latest developments and releases in the web3 gaming sector. 📍Conduct thorough research on upcoming web3 games, including gameplay mechanics, tokenomics, and NFT integration. 📍Actively participate in gaming Discord servers and communities to monitor trends, sentiments, and player feedback. 📍Playtest various web3 games to assess gameplay experience, mechanics, and overall quality. 📍Utilize AI tools and analytical frameworks to enhance research efficiency and output. 📍Generate reports, insights, and recommendations based on your findings to inform decision-making processes. 📍Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate gaming insights into broader strategic initiatives.


📍At least a one to two-year involvement in both the cryptocurrency and web3 gaming space. 📍Prior experience in a research or web3 gaming related role. 📍A passion for, and experience in playing traditional and web3 games. 📍Solid writing experience and a knack for explaining complex concepts simply. 📍Active community member of at least 1 blockchain game. 📍Familiarity engaging with AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, Dall-E, and Midjourney to rapidly draft and publish content. 📍Ability to work independently and remotely with a portion of your availability during peak hours U.S. Eastern Time (somewhere between 8am ⁠— 6pm GMT-5) 📍Proficient English language skills, including strong grammar and communication abilities. 📍Strong analytical and critical thinking skills, with the ability to interpret data and draw actionable insights. 📍Comfortable working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment with evolving priorities.

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