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Zeal Group
Trainer - Customer Service
about 2 months ago | 167 views | Be the first one to apply

Trainer - Customer Service

Kuala Lumpur

About the company

Join Zeal Group, the award-winning FinTech Trading Platform and Trading Service provider. Our portfolio of regulated financial institutions and fintech companies is backed by a global team of 700+ professionals with headquarters in the UK and 22 offices worldwide. As a leading online trading provider for FX, commodities, precious metals, and CFD, we facilitate an estimated monthly trading volume of USD 100B by retail investors, traders, and institutions.

Job Summary

Key Responsibility:

📍Develop Training Materials: Create comprehensive training materials, including presentations, manuals, and guides, tailored to the needs of different departments and levels of expertise. 📍Onboarding New Hires: Design and conduct orientation programs for new employees, providing them with an understanding of the company's culture, policies, and procedures, as well as basic knowledge of Forex markets, trading platforms, and regulations. 📍Forex Market Training: Deliver specialized training sessions on Forex market fundamentals, trading strategies, risk management techniques, and the use of trading software and tools. 📍Technical Training: Provide technical training on the company's trading platforms, software applications, and other technological tools used for market analysis, trade execution, and reporting. 📍Continuous Education Programs: Organize ongoing training sessions and workshops to keep employees updated on industry trends, market developments, new trading techniques, and emerging technologies. 📍Performance Evaluation: Assess the effectiveness of training programs through feedback mechanisms, performance evaluations, and knowledge assessments, and make necessary adjustments to improve outcomes. 📍Cross-Departmental Training: Collaborate with department heads to identify cross-functional training needs and develop programs that promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing across departments. 📍Training Administration: Manage training schedules, logistics, and resources efficiently, ensuring that training sessions are conducted smoothly and on schedule. 📍Monthly Knowledge Assessment: Develop and administer monthly quizzes or assessments to evaluate staff members' understanding of key concepts, regulations, market trends, and trading strategies related to Forex trading.
📍Analyse quiz results to identify areas where additional training or support may be needed and provide targeted reinforcement in those areas. Use quiz data to track individual and team performance over time, identifying trends and areas for improvement in training programs. 📍Stay Updated: Stay abreast of industry trends, regulatory changes, and best practices in training and development to ensure that training programs remain relevant and effective. 📍Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate records of training activities, attendance, and performance metrics, and prepare reports for management on training outcomes and employee development initiatives. 📍Adaptability: Be flexible and adaptable in response to changing business needs, market conditions, and technological advancements, adjusting training programs as necessary to meet evolving requirements. Promote Learning Culture: Foster a culture of continuous learning and professional development within the organization, encouraging employees to take ownership of their learning and career growth. 📍Compliance with Company Policies: Ensure that all training activities align with company policies, values, and ethical standards, promoting a culture of integrity and compliance among employees.


📍Minimum of a bachelor’s degree
📍Excellent communication skills in both written and spoken English, good at presentation skills.
📍A minimum of two years of training experience is required.
Forex experience is essential.
📍Research, planning, organizing, time management and high level of administrative skill.
📍Problem solving skills and ability to adapt fast to change.
📍Highly motivated and able to work under pressure.
📍Creative thinking skills and ability to address issues proactively.
📍Ability to take initiative, work independently as well as work flexible schedules / shift hours when needed.
📍Ability to organize, multitask and exercise time management. 📍Ability to consistently exercise discretion and judgment in creative endeavours. 📍Ability to interact with people of diverse backgrounds; possess strong training skill. 📍Ability to accommodate various interpersonal and communication styles. 📍Ability to simplify complex concepts. 📍Can-do attitude.

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