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Technical Product Manager - Developer Experience
9 months ago | 668 views | 3 applications

Technical Product Manager - Developer Experience


About the company

Biconomy’s foundations were built on making Web 3 accessible and simple to all. We do this by making blockchain transactions seamless, and by doing so, we are accelerating the mainstream adoption of Web 3. That’s why ease and accessibility are imperative to our innovations and solutions. While we build for developers, our work radically simplifies the overall user experience on Web 3. By abstracting away blockchain complexities, the end user enjoys the benefits of Web 3 with the familiarity of Web 2. We are already solving for some of the leading players in the blockchain space & are emerging as the default transaction stack for Web 3.

Job Summary

What will you be doing?

📍Product Strategy and Vision: Collaborate with internal stakeholders, clients, end-users, and the wider blockchain community to define the strategy and roadmap for the developer dashboard. Identify key features, enhancements, and integrations that drive value for users, align with our business goals, and keep Biconomy at the forefront of Account Abstraction innovation, with a particular focus on developer experience. 📍Product Development Oversight: Work closely with design, frontend, and backend development teams to implement new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Address technical and UI/UX challenges and optimize development processes to foster the smoothest experience for Biconomy Dashboard. Ensure the dashboard maintains a high usability, stability, and performance standard. 📍Create a premier developer experience: Collaborate with Developer Relations and engineering teams to enhance the Biconomy SDK, streamline the integration process for new projects, and transform the Biconomy documentation into the ultimate guide for constructing Account Abstraction-powered solutions. 📍Develop solutions tailored for developers: Craft and implement product specifications for pioneering developer experience tools within our dashboard and documentation. 📍Customer-Centric and Data-Driven Development: Prioritize feature development based on feedback from clients, end-users, and the blockchain community. Use analytics data (gas usage, number of transactions, user count, etc.) to guide product decisions and prioritization. Continuously monitor these and other usage metrics to measure releases’ success and identify improvement areas. 📍Feature Specification and Delivery: Write detailed feature specifications and collaborate with cross-functional teams to define product requirements, prioritize features, and ensure the timely delivery of high-quality products. 📍Market Research and Industry Trends: Leverage market research and monitor blockchain industry trends and advancements to identify new opportunities and drive product enhancements/features. Continuously work with the product team to refine our product strategy, with a keen eye on emerging developments related to Account Abstraction and ERC 4337. 📍Cross-functional Collaboration: Act as the liaison between the technical teams, sales, marketing, and other business units

Your experience should include:

📍3+ years of proven success in product management, with a track record of launching and managing innovative products, particularly on technical/developer products Previous Engineering experience 📍An in-depth understanding of blockchain technology, the wallet/dApp ecosystem, and the EVM ecosystem, and familiarity with Account Abstraction and ERC 4337 is a plus. 📍Experience with SDKs or developer tools, with a hyper-focus on making these tools easy to use for developers. 📍Previous work in developer relations or roles adjacent to developer relations is a plus. 📍Strong analytical skills to transform customer needs into clear product requirements and user stories. 📍Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, enabling effective collaboration with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to achieve integration goals. 📍Agile development experience and familiarity with modern product management methodologies. 📍A customer-centric mindset and a passion for delivering exceptional user experiences. 📍The ability to constructively review and provide feedback on design prototypes and live features, focusing on user interaction and experience. 📍The ability to write scripts to fetch data from the blockchain using any programming language is a plus.

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