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Ramp Network
Staff Frontend Engineer
about 2 years ago | 774 views | 1 applications

Staff Frontend Engineer

Per year
$80,000 To $110,000

About the company

We are Ramp Blockchain is changing the world and has the potential to turn it upside down. We know that it is time to reverse the model we got used to, where the top 1% decide on everything. Blockchain democratises entertainment, and wealth, builds new opportunities for community-driven innovation, and shakes up the ancien regime. We’re inches away from the paradigm shift and Ramp is here to help move the needle. The bottom-up revolution is already on the move and there is still some space onboard. Ramp is here to use the knowledge of finance and technology to make business more open to everyone to join in and make crypto easier. Interacting with crypto-powered apps still feels intimidating for most. We work to unlock a future where crypto is as easy to use as eCommerce is today. We believe in technology-driven change. We are a part of the decentralised revolution. For us, that means adding value to the world through an individual approach and critical eye. Our operating framework is built on passion & hunger. We gathered the best-in-class team to work together on things that matter. We want you to feel challenged and motivated by the company you have and give the same feeling to your teammates. If you share our values and approach, there is a space for you at Ramp!

Job Summary

We are Ramp Network, a well-funded scaleup that makes the Web3 world a reality 🚀

Role Overview We’re looking for a Staff Frontend Engineer to take Ramp's frontend architecture and tech culture to the next level with the rest of the engineering team. You will take technical ownership of our applications and shape and define the direction of Ramp’s technology according to the best industry standards. You will take an active role in powering our technological growth, scaling teams and researching how to build better products.

Tech stack TypeScript, React, Jest, @testing-library/react, SCSS + CSS Modules, Storybook, MobX

We need you to be familiar with some of these technologies, but language is just a language, what we care about is the way you think about building software. Definitely show off your GitHub profile (+1 for blockchain-related contributions) and brag about developing reliable, high-quality software.

Why is this role an excellent opportunity for you?

you will have an enormous impact on our architecture, scaling, team and good practices we use, results of your work will be fundamental to Ramp's success, you will take the lead on very challenging projects including architecture transformations and scaling, thanks to your knowledge and experience you will be able to unlock our team's full potential, be a mentor and share knowledge, you will be able to constantly improve our software, processes and the way we work, on top of the above, we are going to fully support your own growth so you won’t stop learning.

Your future work will include

improving our technical excellence - being a guide and a leader of the technical transformations that we see ahead of us, setting technical direction - taking ownership of defining which direction we are going to aim with our technology, exploring - feeling adventurous? At Ramp, you will be able to explore cutting edge technologies to provide the best solutions for our growing systems, scaling - being part of scaling our systems but also our tech teams. Staff Engineer has also the possibility to become a Tech Lead if it’s a path they wish to take, leadership - mentoring and supporting our development teams. Always look at how to improve processes and tools that we use to drive better product outcomes.


What we are looking for in candidates 6+ years of experience in building sophisticated, performant and scalable web applications, track record of being a team mentor, being passionate about what you do, readiness to work in a rapidly scaling up startup, experience with building embeddable widgets, implementing payment providers and working with iframes is a big plus, outcome over output approach, experience with performance and accessibility is nice to have.

Our codebase is written almost entirely in TypeScript, so thumbs up if you're familiar with it (and if not, get familiar, it's brilliant!). JavaScript also works for us.

Here’s the rest of our tech stack Backend: TypeScript, nestJS (Node.js framework), PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ DevOps: Google Cloud Engine, Docker, CircleCI and others. Blockchain: Solidity, web3.js, ethers.js.

Our recruitment process

  1. HR Phone interview - 30 min
  2. Lifestyle interview - 60 min
  3. Home-based task
  4. Technical interview - 60 min

What you will get 💰 PLN 30 500 - 39 500 net on an invoice on a B2B contract (or equivalent on an employment contract), 📈 stock options in a rapidly growing company, 🏝 26+ fully paid holidays (or more if you need it), 🏠 comfy workspace located in Warsaw and in Wroclaw, work from home is also an option, 🏊‍♀️ private health care package and Multisport Plus card for you and your partner - fully on us, 💻 newest Mac or laptop with Windows or Linux, and any other tools you may need, 🥇 being part of one of the hottest crypto startups, 👩‍🎓 self-development and conference budget to help you grow, 🚗 relocation package supporting you and your closest ones in case you want to move to Poland, Warsaw, ⛰️ annual company retreat, 🗣️ English lessons, 🔝 making decisions having an impact and a super high level of ownership.

Ramp is an equal opportunity employer. What this means in practice is that your race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or age won’t affect our recruitment decisions. We’ll focus solely on your skills, experience and the potential for growth and attitude.

Do you fear you won’t fit in? 90%+ of Ramp’s team agreed with the following statement: While I occasionally felt like a misfit in other workplaces/firms, I feel a sense of belonging here at Ramp.

Psst. If you're not the one, but someone you know might just be the perfect fit? Let them know!

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