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Wynd Labs
Smart Contract Engineer - SVM
about 1 month ago | 107 views | 8 applications

Smart Contract Engineer - SVM

Per year
$150,000 To $200,000

About the company

Wynd Network enables access to public web data through decentralized data scraping tools such as our first product, Grass. Grass is a network sharing application that allows users to sell their unused bandwidth. Effectively, this is a residential proxy network that directly compensates individual residential IPs for the bandwidth they provide. Wynd will route traffic equitably among its network and meter the amount of data that each node provides to fairly distribute revenue. In non-technical terms: we're unlocking everyone's ability to earn from a passive income stream by simply selling the unused internet bandwidth on personal devices (laptops, smartphones).

Job Summary

Your day-to-day:

📍Smart Contract Development: Design, code, and deploy robust and secure smart contracts that execute seamlessly on blockchain networks. 📍Blockchain Integration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate smart contracts into various decentralized applications, ensuring compatibility and functionality. 📍Security and Auditing: Implement best practices for secure smart contract development, conduct code audits, and address vulnerabilities to ensure the integrity and reliability of the blockchain-based applications. 📍Collaboration: Work closely with other developers, architects, and stakeholders to understand project requirements and contribute to the overall architecture of decentralized systems. 📍Documentation: Create and maintain comprehensive documentation for smart contracts, ensuring transparency and ease of understanding for other team members and external auditors. 📍Troubleshooting and Support: Provide timely support for any issues related to smart contract functionality, addressing bugs, and implementing updates as required.


📍Competitive salary 📍Early-stage equity 📍Flexible work environment 📍Unlimited PTO

What Experience You Need

📍BS or MS degree in a STEM major or equivalent job experience required 📍5+ years experience in software development and writing very high quality code that is robust and easy to maintain 📍Knowledge on how to build large scalable systems 📍Knowledge and experience in identifying and solving issues with intricate, live software systems, as well as in-depth familiarity with contemporary software development processes such as continuous integration and continuous deployment.

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