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Āut Labs
Senior Web3 Full Stack
12 months ago | 890 views | 4 applications

Senior Web3 Full Stack

Per year
$60,000 To $119,999

About the company

Āut is a suite of DAO-native Tools to expand decentralized communities. We're on a mission to accelerate the transition from an authoritarian, centralized, exploitative distribution of power - to non-hierarchical, more efficient, self-organizing organizational structures. Our protocols do so by "expanding" any Legacy DAO Contract – adding native concepts such as Roles & Commitment – directly at contract level, in a new DAO standard called Nova.

Job Summary

About the Job

📍We are looking for an experienced, self-driven Web3 Full Stack developer to support the expansion and maintenance of the entire infrastructure. 📍The candidate needs to be able to design, implement and maintain our protocol(s) – as well as communicating on a daily-basis with the Open-Source Contributors, and the frontend team. 📍The Role is executive, working directly with Founder and partners – and includes the possibility for a generous equity package, as well as personal space, research and growth within the company. 📍It’s a unique opportunity to join one of the most innovative projects in the space, and create impact in the real world – contributing to the definition of the first Coordination Stack for DAOs, and the modular architecture for decentralized Governance.

Must Have

📍Be genuinely excited about the project. 📍Friendly, respectful, used to work in a diverse, multicultural environment. 📍Fun to work with and with a strong inner-drive: what we are building is difficult, and there will be difficult/stressful times :) 📍 5+ years of hands-on experience in Software Development. 📍3+ years of experience in Software Development Processes, Software Development Cycle, and working in larger as well as smaller teams. Previous experience as CTO / Tech Lead will be preferred, but it’s not necessary. 📍3+ years of hands-on experience in Blockchain specifically: designing, implementing, testing and shipping DApps & Protocols (Blockchain + Backend + Frontend Interfaces). 📍Ethereum-native dev, daily working with (at least): Solidity, Web3JS, Truffle/Hardhat, IPFS, etc. 📍 Familiar with L2s, at least one between: Polygon, Gnosis Chain, Optimism. Being familiar with other chains (i.e.: Polkadot, NEAR, Cosmos, ...) is preferred, but not necessary. 📍You have vast knowledge (both theoretical and practical) in: server-side programming, data structure, CI/CD, databases, and end to end communication. 📍Understanding of crypto industry, Web3 communities, and internal dynamics, that you matured in other real-world blockchain projects (NFTs, DAOs, DeFi Protocols, etc.) 📍3+ years of experience in Javascript and REST APIs. 📍Passionate about solving problems, being autonomous, taking ownership and actively proposing solutions. 📍Mastery of the English language, and ability to read, write, edit and maintain Technical Documentation. 📍You need to care about what you / we do. A lot. This is not a Corporation, and some time we will have to run the extra mile :)

Nice to Have

📍Previous experience as Founder. 📍Passionate about DAOs, governance, game theory, sociology, and all that jazz. 📍Previous experience with EIP/ERC standards. 📍You’re deep into the open-source space, and have some previous (Web3) hacking experiences. 📍If you love the occasional chess game (and you’re good at it), you may be skipping a couple of rounds of interview :D

NB: start your application with “Create your own Standard.” Applications starting otherwise won’t be considered.

Conditions & Perks

📍Initial Contractor relationship – for full personal flexibility and ownership. 📍Executive position and unique opportunity to shape the future of human cooperation. 📍Generous equity package, in a fast-growing startup. 📍Daily challenges, and the possibility to quickly develop your skills, and constantly discover / learn new stuff. 📍 Fully remote, chat-friendly environment :)

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