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GFX Labs
Senior Solidity Developer
over 1 year ago | 946 views | 7 applications

About the company

GFX labs started in 2021, with the goal to support democratization of finance through innovations in decentralized finance and finance technology. Since then, we’ve grown to a team of 16 thinkers, problem solvers, creatives, and gamers.

Job Summary

Blockchain has opened a door for a world of new products to exist. GFX Labs is a crypto products studio. We are building products we want to use. We have three initial projects.

Poppie: A DeFi powered credit card. The current crypto credit card market is saturated with custodied crypto debit cards. Users are selling coins, paying high fees, and dealing with taxable events… the antithesis of what cryptocurrencies should be. Poppie users post ETH (and 13 other coins) as collateral, and each time they swipe their card they pay with borrowed USDC. Poppie makes the process of borrowing against your coins seamless and does not custody your coins. We are looking for people with fintech, credit card, banking, or engineering experience who are interested in bringing Poppie to market. Etherlands: Minecraft on the blockchain. This is the game we wish we had to play when we were younger. We want to empower players with ownership of their in-game assets and introduce them to the Ethereum ecosystem. If you love Minecraft, MMOs, or NFTs, come help us grow Etherlands. Governance: Compound, Makerdao, Aave, and many protocols require ongoing parameter adjustments and improvements to be productive. They require constant economic risk analysis, contract auditing, developer tool maintenance, and protocol upgrades. Our focus is on Compound, Uniswap, and MakerDao; however, there is a ton of work to do across the space. We are looking for current DAO community members, engineers, analysts, or researchers who want to help lead and build the emerging financial system.

Why work at GFX?

Any firm can pay a high salary and offer good incentives (as will we), but most can’t offer interesting, challenging, and rewarding work. Team members can work on a variety of projects, not only bouncing between different internal projects, but we also strongly encourage you to come up with your own projects to work on. We have something to prove. Our team is young and hungry. We like to move fast and make things. We know when to double down and when to cut our losses. We are going to make mistakes, and we are going to build better products because of them. We don’t micromanage or have a huge team of product managers. We want self-self starters who take charge and solve problems. We don’t care if you went to school, what grades you got, or your age. I am 22, and Eddy is 21. We dropped out of college to work at Grapefruit Trading for three years before starting GFX. Show us what you have built, what problems you have solved, and what skills you have. Mike Komaransky and the team at Grapefruit gave us the opportunity to try new things, make mistakes, and therefore thrive. We want to pay that goodwill forward and give more people the opportunity to show their skills to the world.

What you’ll do at GFX

Build, update, and review Etherlands, Poppie, and other projects’ contracts Work with the top DeFi protocols Build an engineering culture that attracts the most talented people to join us Help recruit teammates We’d love to hear from you if…

You love tackling big ambiguous problems You care about safety and efficiency You can see things from a high level, and dive into the details with equal confidence You have a strong understanding of evm internals You have experience in operating and embedded systems major preference … and you really care about those details

You want to create new tools You can operate autonomously You are pro-active and are driven by curiosity You can build robust systems on both web and native platforms You can handle complexity, but prefer simplicity

Tools we are using today

Hardhat Tenderly Typescript Go or C Kotlin Ethers Git Benefits

$200k-$350k Stock options Full medical, dental, and vision Flexible vacation policy We’re headquartered in Chicago and thus we are primarily looking for team members to be in Chicago.

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