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$120,000 TO $200,000 PER YEAR

About Company

Developers, validators and businesses use Elrond to build a new internet economy We give anyone, anywhere easy access to the digital economy, by bringing a 1000x improvement in blockchain speed, scale, cost and user experience.

The Protocol team is looking for somebody, not just brilliant but with significant experience in developing software the right way, to join the team. We research and develop state of the art blockchain solutions, collaborating with other teams inside Elrond to evolve a robust and reliable solution. We do this by thinking open source first. Because most of the existing code is Go, this is the main programming language requirement, even though there is no explicit common ground between technologies, knowing other languages is expected from you as well. The most powerful way to change the world is by building excellent software, and excellent software is being built when one understands that increasing competency does not hurt brilliant people but makes them even more productive.

Here’s what you’ll do:

You will work on protocol (the heart of Elrond) together with the core team; You will solve complex software development problems; You will apply your knowledge to analyze and collect data from the network, perform analyses on it, identify problems, devise and implement solutions, including best practices, and conducting experiments to validate these solutions; You will contribute to features, research activities, prototypes development by implementing and driving improvements on all areas; You will work in collaboration with other engineers across Elrond to design creative solutions to challenging problems and new products; You will work in all popular programming languages in the ecosystem Help us change the world 🔥 To succeed in this role, you:

Have at least 2 years experience working with Golang and a deep understanding of Go generics, programming paradigms, constructs and idioms. This can be offset by a strong general development background; Have worked with data structures, algorithms, REST API's and you have a deep understanding of Object-Oriented Programming concepts; Love to learn new things and strive for working in multiple languages and domains. Other languages such as C++, Python, Java, Typescript, low level programming or productivity tools, that would be a bonus; Know and care about software engineering practices like defensive programming, test driven development and automatic testing; Are detail oriented and have a strong quality approach, keeping an eye on the overall performance of the product; Are not required to have experience in Blockchain ecosystem, but it would be a plus.

We will offer:

Flexible working hours Start-up atmosphere where everybody is agile without being AGILE The opportunity to create something really meaningful and used by millions of people Competitive salary Fast, dynamic & unique working environment