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Senior Growth Hacking Manager
3 months ago | 278 views | 1 applications

Senior Growth Hacking Manager

Per year
$90,000 To $115,000

About the company

CoinMarketCap is the world’s most trusted and accurate source of data for cryptocurrencies. Used by millions of individuals, organizations, and exchanges, CoinMarketCap brings the most up-to-date market capitalizations, pricing, and cryptocurrency information to our users. Pulling data from multiple exchanges and combining our robust research allows us to provide the most realistic representation of each cryptocurrency. As we grow, we will continue to provide access to our data wherever, whenever, and however is most helpful to our users.

Job Summary

Key Responsibilities:

📍Develop and execute a comprehensive growth hacking strategy, including market positioning, user acquisition, retention, and brand promotion. 📍To enhance brand awareness and user engagement, plan and organize online events, such as hackathons, community activities, festival campaigns, ecosystem interaction campaigns, and long-term incentive programs. 📍Execute marketing campaigns using various channels and strategies (such as social media marketing, email marketing, etc.) to attract new users and keep existing users active. 📍Write high-quality promotional content suitable for various channels for marketing 📍Analyze market trends and user data to optimize growth strategies and marketing activities continually. 📍Work closely with the product, technology, and design teams to align on marketing activities and product development. 📍Suggest and experiment with creative solutions to drive growth, given the nascent and experimental nature of the web3 industry


📍At least 5 years of experience in growth hacking or marketing, with a preference for candidates with experience in the blockchain industry. 📍Experience in both TradFi and DeFi organizations, preferably. Good knowledge of DeFi protocols and models. 📍Understands the different aspects of a web3 business - from infrastructure to markets - such that you will have a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and gaps of a web3 project. 📍Strong organizational and event planning abilities, with experience in successfully organizing large-scale events. 📍Excellent copywriting and communication skills, capable of creating compelling content. 📍Familiarity with various marketing channels and tools 📍Exceptional data analysis skills, making data-driven decisions, and optimizing marketing strategies. 📍Good teamwork and project management abilities, capable of working in a fast-paced environment. 📍Business Level English.

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