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Senior Full Stack Engineer for Web3
over 1 year ago | 832 views | 3 applications

About the company

Chainflip is what everybody wanted but wasn’t yet possible: easy and intuitive swaps from one major blockchain to another. Chainflip will connect and bridge major ecosystems like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana or Cosmos to allow users to navigate through this growing multi-chain space. We eliminate any type of user barrier or heavy tradeoff so that no previous crypto knowledge is required to swap your tokens in a few clicks.

Job Summary

What do we do?

Chainflip is a blockchain project that uses multi-party-computation and threshold signature schemes to allow our decentralised validator network to secure assets across multiple arbitrarily differentiated blockchain networks, with the ultimate goal of allowing users to swap between various cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains in a trustless and programmatic way.

This is an exciting engineering challenge, one that we’ve been working on for over a year. It is a multidisciplinary exercise in distributed systems, decentralised finance, blockchain consensus mechanisms, cyber security, applied cryptography, and front end tooling. Our engineering team of 15 is on the lookout for additional people to tackle this challenge with us. We’re mostly office-based in Berlin, Germany, but offer flexible working arrangements and remote work for some of the year.

What’s the Job?

This role is open to a European based Senior Full Stack Engineer who wants to work in Web3. Experience in TypeScript is ideal, but the role is open to those that can call themselves a true Full Stack and have an interest in the Web3/Blockchain space.

If you join us, you will likely focus your efforts on several of these three projects depending on your skills and interests:

State Chain Tooling: we are developing our own standalone blockchain using the substrate blockchain development framework. The Web team has been building out our own custom block explorer and other associated tooling necessary for a fully-featured blockchain project. Previous experience of working with complex type systems would be beneficial here, as would some knowledge of how blockchains work internally. The Swapping Interface: We are developing a on-chain trading system that requires the development of advanced web-based quoting systems that plug into real-time on-chain data and other data sources to quote prices an relay user intents to our blockchain. Scalability and Security projects: We need to develop a robust system for algorithmically detecting abuse of open web services called Relayers on our network. No matter which project you work on, you will be exposed to all of the tough problems and trade-offs that decentralised finance and blockchains have to offer.

About the Rest of the Company

We are a Berlin-centric team with our own office space in the heart of Kreuzberg, but we have remote workers in a couple of countries in Europe, a new office in Dublin, and a team in Melbourne, Australia. We meet up as a whole team twice a year, have a very open and flexible culture, and enjoy meaningful personal connections with one another. Our team has a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to share, and hopefully you’ll be able to share yours with us too.

The Web team itself is comprised of three brilliant young engineers with plenty of experience working with our technologies already.

We offer all Berlin based employees standard employment contracts under German law. Those that work with us remotely outside of Germany are typically contractors.

Who Should Apply?

This is the role for you if you:

Are based in Europe and are willing to relocate to Berlin Have 4+ years of professional full stack development experience Are interested in crypto and decentralization Have knowledge or experience with building and scaling systems Looking to push the boundaries of your knowledge in Web3 Salaries and Token packages are on offer that are commensurate with skill and experience. Please indicate your expected salary range when applying, and we will take that into consideration during the interview process.

The Process

Please submit your CV to [email protected] for review. A screening call will be conducted by our COO. For our engineering or technical roles, the next stage is a 1hr remote real-time code interview run by our existing engineering team in a language of your choice. Following this you will have a more informal meeting with some other members of the team, including the CTO and CEO will take place. This whole process can take as little as a week for the right candidates.

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