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Senior Frontend Engineer
at Parcl
over 1 year ago | 898 views | 17 applications

Senior Frontend Engineer

New York, Remote
Per year
$130,000 To $200,000

About the company

Parcl is a synthetic real estate protocol that enables users to invest in the price movements of the residential real estate market in many cities and neighborhoods around the world. Parcl brings investing, hedging, and liquidity to the world’s largest asset class, for the first time. The Parcl Price Feed powers the Parcl Protocol; it continuously tracks underlying price movements in any given Parcl - allowing users to benefit from broad (or highly granular) exposure to desirable Real Estate. Parcl requires no minimum investment, is highly liquid, and carries low transaction fees so investors can now trade their favorite cities & neighborhoods just like they trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto assets.

Job Summary

Initial Responsibilities Contribute to our component library and design system. Write clean components and flows using React, Tailwind and TypeScript. Write minimal yet complete integration tests using Cypress. Write engineering design documents for new features. Perform internal code reviews.

Requirements 5+ years of experience writing React in production. 5+ years of experience writing CSS in production. 2+ years of experience writing TypeScript in production. Precise and clear written/verbal communication. Deep understanding of advanced CSS topics (stacking context, animations, font loading, etc). Deep understanding of technical SEO fundamentals. Deep understanding of design systems. Experience writing component libraries. Experience with performance optimizations like Tree Shaking and Code Splitting. Experience setting up and maintaining your own code quality pipelines (eslint, husky, git hooks). Able to work autonomously.

Tech Stack React/TypeScript Next.js TailwindCSS Storybook Figma Tokens Style Dictionary Cypress GraphQL @solana/web3.js

Nice to haves Experience writing timeseries based components like line charts. Experience writing GeoJSON based components like maps. Understanding of the tradeoffs/risks of using dependencies in JavaScript. Understanding of at least 1 blockchain and its programming model. TypeScript mastery. Avid use of Semantic Versioning. Passion for DeFi.

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