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Senior DevOps Engineer
3 months ago | 266 views | Be the first one to apply

Senior DevOps Engineer


About the company

Decentraland is the world’s first fully decentralized, Ethereum blockchain-based virtual world, built, governed and owned by its users. It’s a truly unique ecosystem with its own decentralized autonomous organization, currency, marketplace and system of property – and it’s growing fast! New creations are added daily by creators who use proprietary developer tools to make games, puzzles, scenes, artworks – whatever their imaginations allow. Via their personal avatars, users attend live music events, conferences, exhibitions, dance parties and other experiences every day of the year. What began as a proof-of-concept for assigning ownership of digital real estate to users of a blockchain is now an immersive, ever-expanding and richly detailed metaverse, where anything is possible. Check it out at:

Job Summary


📍Encourage and enforce a DevOps culture in the team: define and execute policies upholding best-practices in engineering, security, and design. 📍Maintain and improve our existing CI/CD pipeline. 📍Build, scale, maintain, and analyze Unity project builds and deployments to optimize cloud resource usage, reducing costs without impacting performance. 📍License management. 📍Help design, build and operate the tooling and automation for clustering, scaling, monitoring and alerting that support our platform products. 📍Manage the certificate lifecycle and application signing processes for Decentraland's applications to ensure secure distribution and compliance 📍Manage a Gitlab EE instance. 📍Optimize the cost of the infrastructure used in every environment. 📍Apply security patches and update the infra when needed

Required Skills

📍Experience building, deploying, and supporting live production infrastructure using AWS, Cloudflare, Github actions, CircleCI 📍Experience using Pulumi. 📍Experience with cost optimization through building services on demand and/or scalable infrastructure. 📍Experience using the following systems: Grafana, Prometheus, Gitlab. 📍Experience working with TypeScript/JavaScript. 📍Passion for crafting a great developer experience through the whole software development lifecycle. 📍Be able to combine industry best-practices and your innovation with a ground-breaking decentralized infrastructure. 📍Excellent verbal, written, and graphical communication skills. Ability to work closely with cross-functional teams. 📍Experience designing SaaS systems adaptable to a wide range of available resources to run the infrastructure. 📍Deep and vast knowledge of UNIX and Internet protocols: ability to debug any problem using just GNU tools, dtrace, tcpdump, and netcat.

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