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Senior Data Analyst
at Pintu
4 months ago | 363 views | 1 applications

Senior Data Analyst

Per year
$76,000 To $100,000

About the company

At PINTU, We are building the #1 crypto investment platform to focus on new investors in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. We know that 99% of new investors are underserved because existing solutions cater to the 1% who are pros and early adopters hence we built an app that helps them to learn, invest and sell cryptocurrencies with one click away.

Job Summary

What You’ll Be Doing

📍You will be handling PINTU’s data analytics effort. Using your technical knowledge and passion for data, you will team up with our data team to help visualize raw data into engaging and understandable information for important business decisions makingIn this role, you will: 📍Work closely with stakeholders to identify business pain points and execute strategic data solutions that are cost effective. 📍Create and maintain reports, dashboards, and any other monitoring tools for tracking business performance and product adoption. Deliver insight and analysis to support strategic decision making. 📍Design data models, build, and maintain data transformation into data marts strategically and efficiently. Able to investigate and resolve data discrepancies as well as troubleshoot pipeline failures. 📍Contribute in maintaining data profilers and validation checks to ensure data quality, consistency and accuracy. 📍Contribute in maintaining data pipelines frameworks. 📍(Additional) Contribute in optimization of relational DB structures and configuration. 📍(Additional) Define and continuously maintain financial trading metrics

Why You Should Join Us

📍Exposure to the blockchain-based industry where you are given the freedom to implement your data-pipeline related initiatives 📍Opportunity to team up with the top engineering team in a supportive environment for your career growth and personal well-being 📍Opportunity to work from anywhere

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