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React Native Engineer
12 months ago | 745 views | 10 applications

React Native Engineer

Per year
$60,000 To $90,000

About the company

Buttrfly is a web3 social media app built on Lens Protocol, an open and permissionless social protocol/graph on Polygon. Buttrfly is one of many apps built on Lens, giving users ownership of their social connections and interoperability between apps and experiences using their ethereum wallet. Our goal is to build a user experience that rivals Twitter and Instagram with all the additional benefits of decentralization. Some of the features of Buttrfly: social feed and profiles, messaging, push notifications, media curation and media-based feeds, audio player, publish paid content, tips, curated and user-generated profile lists, audio spaces, communities, bookmarks, and more. Buttrfly is available for iOS and Android, and is built using React Native and Expo. On top of Lens Protocol for social graph and content, and XMTP for messaging. Web app is basic React. And backend is Firebase / Google Cloud (hosting, firestore, functions, push notifications).

Job Summary

Role and Requirements

📍We’re looking for an experienced React Native engineer to join as the first full-time engineer. You’ll be working closely with Moe, the founder and creator of Buttrfly, to maintain both mobile and web apps, build new features, and collaborate on the design and architecture of Buttrfly. 📍5+ years experience as a full stack developer using React and Javascript. 📍2+ years experience as a developer on a React Native app published on the App Store / Google Play (on your own or part of a team). Experience with Expo is a VERY strong plus. 📍1+ year experience as a web3 developer (wallet connections, transactions, etc…), and 📍be interested in and knowledgable about web3 concepts. 📍ship very fast. Buttrfly ships updates every few days. 📍high bar for quality and high attention to detail. 📍be comfortable working in a very small team. 📍a good eye for design is a strong plus. 📍familiarity with Github Copilot and other AI coding assistant tools is a plus. 📍fully remote. close to US eastern time zone is a strong plus. 📍English language proficiency


📍$60K - $90K annually depending on skill, experience, and location. Paid in USDC. Possibility for stock options in the future for excellent performance.

Why work on Buttrfly?

📍Be part of a cutting-edge, fast-paced project in the decentralized web3 social space. 📍Enjoy flexibility and autonomy in your work. 📍Application Process 📍Tell us why you want to work on Buttrfly and share details about your experience, by filling this form. If you have any questions, contact [email protected] or DM Moe on Twitter. 📍One or more call with Moe to get to know each other, talk about product/tech, and answer any questions you have. 📍Paid two-week trial period.

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