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Quality Assurance Engineer
at LI.FI
about 1 year ago | 1177 views | 3 applications

Quality Assurance Engineer

Germany, Remote

About the company

LI.FI provides cross-chain bridge & DEX aggregation to power next-gen DeFi projects with superior UX.

Job Summary

We are a passionate young team on the mission to enable a fairer, more decentralized world. To do so we are building a crucial piece of cross-chain infrastructure to enable multiple blockchains to coexist and serve different needs. Apart from the tech we care a lot about user experience and aim to make complex technologies accessible for everyone.

We are looking for a Quality Assurance Engineer to join our team. Someone with a technical background who enjoys making sure excellent product features and technical enhancements are shipped. Great attention to detail and passion for crypto products are perfect prerequisites to succeed in this role!


As our Quality Assurance Engineer, you will be responsible for the quality of anything which goes out to our users or is already deployed. You will have an overview of known bugs and problems, prioritize and discuss those in close collaboration with the development team. You will establish and maintain processes to identify bugs related to new changes early and communicate them to the team.

Among other tasks, you will: Ensure the quality and continuation of our software products and any added new features Manage and track known bugs with a clear overview Identify new product and UX issues, and present according solutions Work closely with the development team and ensure quality assurance procedures are followed Draft clear documentation and maintain it up-to-date


Required: 2+ years of experience in Quality Assurance roles or similar Tech savvy - you have to be able to understand what changed from development ticket to development ticket. New tickets should not break old features. Crypto and industry-specific knowledge - in order to understand and separate crypto related bugs from bugs in our infrastructure. We expect you to view our products from the user’s perspective and to anticipate user’s actions. Strong communication skills - written reports should be easily understandable to minimize communication overhead. Close communication with the development team is required. Distinctive quality awareness - working autonomously and diligently at the same time Basic knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript

Nice to have: Prior experience in using LIFI products specifically Ideally working in Central European Time Zone (CET) Prior experience with JIRA


Empowered teams:

We take the best person with the right skills, then inspire them to use them! We trust our team and give them the space and ownership to excel and achieve.

Flexible time management:

We believe work should adapt to your life, not the other way around. We only schedule a few fixed meetings every week – you're free to arrange the rest of your time as you like.

Inclusive culture:

It’s our priority to make our whole team feel included, appreciated and respected. Our global, culturally diverse team is our most important asset.


We’re a fully remote, global company. As long as you’re not on Mars (the WiFi is terrible we heard), being part of our team from the comfort of your own home works perfectly well for us.

Retreats and team building:

At least once a year we invite the global team to an in-person retreat at a beautiful location (most likely Thailand at the beginning of 2023).

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