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Money Laundering Reporting officer
4 months ago | 530 views | 4 applications

Money Laundering Reporting officer


About the company

Founded in 2009, Unlimit is a global fintech company with 16 offices all over the world and more than 500 employees, that offers a large portfolio of financial services - from acquiring (payment processing) to banking and banking as a service. Our mission is to be “ready for tomorrow” and to provide our customers with a sense of stability in the everchanging financial landscape and an opportunity to be prepared for whatever the tomorrow of business brings their way, so that while others observe, they can already take an advantage.

Job Summary


AML / CFT / Sanction compliance 📍Ensure effective AML/CTF/Sanction compliance throughout the business. 📍Identify AML/CTF/Sanction risks associated with the business practices, products and services. 📍Monitor developments and new trends in the Kenya / Tanzania and other EAC countries AML framework. 📍Maintain and further development of AML/CTF/Sanction policy, program, practices and procedures in order to be in compliance with the current regulation, requirements of external partners and best practices.

Regulatory compliance

📍Be the central point of contact with the Central Bank for anti-money laundering/ combating the financing of terrorism purposes. 📍Ensure that the business meets its regulatory requirements and mitigate AML/CTF/Sanction risks to avoid breaches, fines and regulatory sanctions. 📍Assess the effectiveness and adequacy of the policy, procedures and controls through regular or special AML audits. 📍Assess internal trends, external regulatory & law enforcement environment to make recommendations, understand risk areas and alter or add to current processes. 📍Prepare periodic reports to the management and regulatory bodies, e.g. Annual and semi-annual AML/CTF compliance officer Report, annual AML Risk Assessment Report, annual AML program, etc. 📍Assist with regulatory inquiries and inspections, internal and external audits. 📍 Assist with development and adaption of the internal system and other utilized systems for AML purposes. 📍Be responsible for periodic regulatory reports or returns on AML/CFT matters to the Central Bank and any other regulator within the financial system e.g annual compliance report via goAML system etc. 📍Provide advice and assistance to other functions dealing with AML/CTF/Sanction related matters.

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