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TON Foundation
Marketing Manager PartTime
2 months ago | 427 views | 27 applications

Marketing Manager PartTime

Per year
$10,000 To $30,000

About the company

Inherited from Telegram, the TON blockchain was designed to onboard billions of users. It boasts ultra-fast transactions, low fees, and easy-to-use native apps, some of which can be used directly in Telegram such as @wallet or @cryptobot. TON is led by an open-source community of experienced developers consisting of some of the best programmers in the world and Telegram blockchain contest winners. Applying its existing ecosystem of communities, developers, publishers, payment providers, and merchants, TON is uniquely positioned to establish the first-ever mass-market cryptocurrency in history.

Job Summary


📍Develop and execute marketing strategies targeting both Web3 enthusiasts and Web2 audiences transitioning to Web3 📍Design incentives for marketing campaigns in order to encourage user participation and loyalty. 📍Drive initiatives in collaboration with both external and internal cross-functional partners to ensure all marketing activity resonates with TON Foundation goals 📍Able to work autonomously to deliver the campaigns and initiatives by managing external agencies on both media and creative from kickoff to execution 📍Utilise social media platforms and community forums to build and nurture relationships with the audience. 📍Analyse market trends and performance data to optimise campaign strategies and maximise audience growth and retention. 📍Collaborate with the product team to align marketing efforts with user feedback and product evolution.


📍Passionate about blockchain and the Web3 ecosystem, with a solid understanding of its technologies and market dynamics. 📍Proficient in English. 📍Experienced in digital marketing, social media management, and content creation, with a proven track record of growing and engaging online communities. 📍A self-starter and a self-motivator who can work autonomously in an unstructured environment. 📍Creative and analytical, capable of crafting compelling narratives and using data to inform marketing decisions. 📍Adept at communicating complex concepts in simple, accessible language to educate diverse audiences.

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