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Frontend Engineer
about 2 months ago | 342 views | 10 applications

Frontend Engineer

Per year
$120,000 To $149,000

About the company is a rapidly growing Ethereum liquid staking protocol empowering stakeholders to retain control of their assets. With just a year under our belt, we've cultivated a thriving community and achieved a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $1.5 billion. Our protocol information can be found here.

Job Summary

Key Responsibilities

📍Design, develop, and maintain highly responsive, visually appealing web applications using TypeScript, React, and Next.js. 📍Build and integrate front-end interfaces for decentralized applications (DApps) that interact efficiently with smart contracts and blockchain networks. 📍Work closely with blockchain developers to integrate subgraphs for querying blockchain data efficiently. 📍Implement web3 technologies to enable blockchain functionalities such as transactions, wallet connections, and smart contract interactions within the DApps. 📍Ensure application performance, quality, and responsiveness, while maintaining code integrity and organization. 📍Collaborate with the product team to design and develop new features that enhance user experience and engagement. 📍Stay up-to-date with emerging trends in blockchain technology, frontend development, and security practices to continuously improve the product.


📍Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field. 📍Strong proficiency in TypeScript, React, and Next.js with at least 3 years of experience in frontend development. 📍Demonstrated experience in building decentralized applications (DApps), interacting with subgraphs, and smart contracts. 📍Solid understanding of Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, ERC standards, and the decentralized web. 📍Experience with viem, wagmi, web3.js, ethers.js, or similar libraries for blockchain interactions. 📍Familiarity with frontend development tools and processes, including Git, CI/CD pipelines, and automated testing frameworks. 📍Excellent problem-solving skills, with the ability to work independently and in a team environment. 📍Strong communication skills and the ability to articulate technical concepts clearly and concisely.

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