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$200,000 TO $240,000 PER YEAR

About Company

The Spindl product involves three main themes: Identity, Attribution, and Acquisition. The Identity layer joins user behavior across Web 2 and Web 3 with a novel and proprietary data layer that de-duplicates wallets and browsers. Attribution is the ringing cash register of a mature media ecosystem: Web 3 won't succeed without one. Using our identity layer, we do full click-to-chain attribution that teases out what users are doing on-chain and why. Acquisition is the action of the growth stack: it's what we do with all the data we complied via identity and attribution. Whether you use influencers, tweets, or Discord posts, one Spindl link credits the right source for your user, and pays whatever creator or developer helped along the way (with no ads middlemen).

We’re looking for pirates now that Web 2 has become the navy.


Be a leader within a very flat and fast-moving team Understand the often weird and hacked-together blockchain world, as well as the embryonic data stack being built on top of it Navigate the idea maze toward Truth (or something like it) Plot the critical curve or generate the essential dashboard that helps us understand Web 3. Creatively address business problems when there are no precedents and no clear answers Work with engineering to implement your findings and models into running product quickly. You are mapping the unknown terrain; we want to turn that into industry knowledge ASAP. Empathize with our customers, understand their worldview, and work with the UI team to translate your insights into customer insights. Convey your findings to colleagues; tell a story with data convincingly. Optionally, publish your work publicly will full credit. Must haves (this is an AND)

N years doing data science or analysis (for reasonable N). Proficiency with data visualization and dashboarding tools like Looker or Tableau. Think those suck? Tell us why. Ideally, this would involve more than just descriptive dashboarding and extend into some predictive model-building around complicated ecosystems like markets or user behavior online. Experience with modeling in Python: Jupyter, Pandas, PyTorch, numpy, scipy, etc. Exception to the above: Outstanding familiarity with blockchains and protocols and their often quirky data, along with extensive experience in environments like Dune or Flipside, can compensate for a lack of more traditional data science experience. If you’re the #3 person on the Dune leaderboard, let’s talk. Be smart and get shit done. Be a doer and a risk-taker. Nice to haves (this is an OR)

Experience with advertising technology or campaign management within Web 2 ads Experience with A/B testing and experimentation Experience in anti-fraud, either within ad tech or fin tech. There are lots of bad guys to block in Web 3.