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Economics Research and Security Analyst
10 months ago | 1336 views | 2 applications

Economics Research and Security Analyst

United States
Per year
$36,000 To $60,000

About the company

Arcadia is a software security firm dedicated to making the financial technology industry safer and more secure.

Job Summary

As Arcadia's Economic Researcher & Security Analyst, you will delve deep into the heart of DeFi, identifying potential vulnerabilities introduced via economic considerations (i.e. collateral risk, unplanned slippage and losses, etc.) and ensuring that customer and internal economic models are both innovative and secure.

📍Offer expertise in consulting projects related to both traditional and decentralized finance economic structures and economic security considerations. 📍Assist in clarifying strategies for protocols, including how they allocate liquidity, rewards, etc 📍Dive deep into major DeFi protocols like GMX, Uniswap, MakerDAO, AAVE, and Curve, understanding their intricate mechanisms 📍Investigate and thoroughly assess both historical and recent economic-driven attacks on DeFi platforms, and provide comprehensive strategies to counteract and minimize potential vulnerabilities and threats 📍Theorize potential new economic-driven attacks on client projects and assist in war gaming with customers on prevention and early detection strategies 📍Provide insightful economic security assessments on DeFi platforms to aid in their fortification 📍Study token issuance methodologies and the design of token economies across various blockchain protocols


📍Bachelor’s degree or above in economics, finance, statistics, computer science, mathematics or related fields or equivalent experience 📍Intermediate skills in Python or R with an emphasis on data analytics and simulations 📍Knowledge of financial math and game theory 📍Understanding of DeFi or related industries

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