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Stellar Development Foundation
Director of Strategic Finance
30 days ago | 100 views | 1 applications

Director of Strategic Finance

San Francisco
Per year
$140,000 To $163,000

About the company

Interested in working on cutting-edge blockchain technology and creating equitable access to the global financial system? Since 2014, the mission-driven team at the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has helped fuel the tremendous growth of the Stellar blockchain network, an open-source platform that operates at high-scale today. Developers and companies around the world build on it, and the SDF team is expanding to support the rapidly growing and changing Stellar ecosystem. The launch of Soroban, the new smart contracts platform designed to work well with Stellar, brings a wealth of opportunity for innovation. When you join SDF as a Community Manager, you will be a part of a team that’s leveraging that opportunity to increase developer participation in order to bootstrap the ecosystem of tools, protocols, dapps, and educational resources necessary for Soroban to succeed.

Job Summary


📍Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A): 📍Develop detailed financial models to support long-term planning 📍Responsible for cash flow forecasts, incorporating various scenarios and stress tests 📍Help Stellar to consistently leverage an ROI framework to inform decision making 📍Lead the implementation and optimization of new FP&A tools and systems 📍Drive the annual budget process and ensure accurate and timely monthly reporting 📍Expand FP&A efforts to enhance strategic decision-making processes 📍Maintain an updated in-year forecast outlook 📍Systematically allocate personnel and other costs to optimize resource utilization 📍Investment and Endowment Management: 📍Formulate and execute endowment strategies to support the organization’s financial objectives 📍Develop and oversee investment policies, ensuring compliance and risk management 📍Select, manage, and evaluate asset managers to maximize portfolio performance 📍Monitor investment portfolios, ensuring appropriate liquidity while extending duration and maximizing returns. 📍Treasury and Risk Management: 📍Manage treasury functions, including lending and counterparty risk management 📍Structure and evaluate financial deals, conducting thorough reviews of counterparties and assessing associated risks 📍Oversee the evaluation of bank counterparties, money market funds, and interest rate risks 📍Legal Entity Structure, Strategy and Reporting: 📍Collaborate with internal teams to model and execute a strategies for legal entity organization 📍Lead the process for creation of entities as appropriate and address operational requirements for segregating cash, allocating costs and ensuring compliance with entity requirements 📍Partner with the accounting team on financial reporting and audit initiatives


📍10+ years of relevant financial experience, with a strong emphasis on financial modeling and strategic planning. MBA, CFA, or equivalent advanced degree preferred. 📍Extensive experience in FP&A, including tool implementation and process optimization. 📍Proven track record in credit analysis, cash flow management, and investment portfolio management. 📍Demonstrated ability to lead and manage complex financial projects and initiatives. 📍Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively across all levels of the organization.

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