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Director of Engineering
7 months ago | 530 views | Be the first one to apply

Director of Engineering


About the company

Run your PKI and certificate lifecycle automation in the cloud. Eliminate outages & risks. Reduce unnecessary costs, mitigate risk & eliminate outages with Keyfactor PKI management. Proven Scalability. Secure Certificates. Scalable SSL Solution.

Job Summary


📍Be a people leader by empowering, developing, motivating, and nurturing the talent of your team of engineers. 📍Ensure all business requirements are fully supported through recruiting, onboarding, and managing training needs of your team within the budgetary, time and quality constraints. 📍Be an active ambassador for the Keyfactor’s culture and values. 📍Identify resource and competence needs and put plans in place to fill any skills gap. 📍Regularly provide constructive feedback to the individuals and identify potential areas for improvement. 📍Collect feedback and act upon the feedback in the interest of organizational growth. 📍Ensure collaborative and mutually enriching environment for the teams to continuously improve and continuously learn. 📍Ensure high performance through empowerment and creating psychologically safe environments. 📍Coordinate with product managers / product owners to reach product goals through complete alignment with teams to deliver with high quality continuously. 📍Cooperate, drive and lead the change initiatives within or across teams for effective implementation. 📍Coordinate, communicate and orchestrate with all relevant stakeholders of the product to enable seamless product deliveries and to advise the product teams on architecture, delivery pipelines, defect analysis, tech debts and maintaining best coding practices. 📍Help product teams create balanced release plans, roadmaps, quarterly goals that align with the engineering goals sufficiently. 📍Contribute to defining goals and objectives for the organization and take ownership of implementing and reaching those together with the team(s). 📍Provide and promote visibility and transparency to team progress in close cooperation with other managers and stakeholders within Keyfactor. 📍Actively participate in goal setting activities, take data-driven decisions while executing them and own the responsibility to reach the goals. 📍Encourage an open, transparent and feedback driven environment where the team members can thrive, freely express and learn from each other and work towards continuously improving our ways of working. 📍Providing technical leadership with a deep understanding of the products and projects, and making informed decisions aligned with the company's goals and strategy. 📍Ensure that deliveries provided by the team(s) are of good quality and with the appropriate level of documentation. 📍Building strong relationships with stakeholders across the organization. 📍Actively participate in the engineering leadership team, and both lead and assist initiatives in the group optimizing team efficiency and scalability. 📍Continue to build on the great culture of dedication, collaboration, and caring for each other.

Skills and Qualifications

📍Minimum 📍Significant Engineering leadership experience in an Engineering Manager role or similar leading and managing a team of engineers, setting clear goals and expectations. 📍Demonstrated experience of leading and growing multiple product development teams. 📍A deep understanding and experience of agile development principles, servant leadership and software development life cycle (SDLC). 📍Strong ability to attract, retain, and develop top engineering talent, with a focus on fostering a culture of collaboration, mentorship, and continuous improvement. 📍You are motivated by people's growth, the end goal and to really deliver business value efficiently. 📍Experience working in distributed and multi-cultural environment.

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