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Developer Market Data
at Auros
4 months ago | 331 views | 2 applications

Developer Market Data

Per year
$87,000 To $120,000

About the company

Auros is a leading cryptocurrency market making and high-frequency trading firm operating across all major venues and instruments. A 24/7/365 business, it possesses a world-class team of trading and engineering talent across 15 geographies globally, combining remote work and physical offices in Hong Kong and New York. Auros is one of the largest participants in cryptocurrency markets, generating daily notional turnover in the billions of dollars. Their long-standing technological heritage combines a systematic approach with sophisticated pricing models and state-of-the-art execution capabilities, regularly iterating to ensure robust, reliable trading performance. Their partnership-based approach to external liquidity provision has rapidly established them as a go-to market maker for token projects.

Job Summary

The Job

📍Develop C++ applications that connect to crypto currency exchanges and cryptocurrency protocols and provide normalised exchange access to our auto trading applications 📍Become a domain expert in 2-3 exchange systems / cryptocurrency protocols. Apply this expertise to improve the trading performance of our own systems and/or to request improvements to exchange systems 📍Be accountable for the deployment, monitoring and management of connectivity solutions for the exchanges you’ve become an expert in. Help troubleshoot other exchange connectivity as required 📍Optimise applications for microsecond latencies and efficient utilisation of scant messaging bandwidth 📍Help engineer internally developed middleware and messaging protocols, improving reliability, scalability, throughput and latency 📍Collaborate with traders and strategy Developers to analyse logs and build tools to assist in the analysis of execution performance 📍Develop ancillary trading system infrastructure in python as required 📍Create tools to automate the configuration, deployment, monitoring and troubleshooting of trading system components 📍Engage with the team during system design discussions, code reviews, trading idea brainstorms and daily office banter.

Skills required:

📍A software engineer with 3+ years experience in developing clean, maintainable and performantcode in C++ on linux 📍Experience profiling C++ code with any of cachegrind, valgrind or other profiling tools 📍A thorough understanding of network programming: UDP, TCP, TLS, Websockets 📍Bonus points will be awarded to candidates who have developed websocket execution for any of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges and who can articulate the challenges they faced 📍You can find the balance between delivering clean, testable, reliable code and rapidly deploying new system features to take advantage of market opportunities 📍You are reliable, take pride in delivering robust software and are willing to be on call to support the systems you develop

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