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Fuel Labs
Developer Advocate
4 months ago | 275 views | 4 applications

Developer Advocate


About the company

Fuel is building a high-performance blockchain operating system that provides high throughput without sacrificing decentralization or security. Our project is a full-stack solution that lets anyone deploy a Fuel chain using any configuration they would like (Rollup on Ethereum, Sovereign chain, Appchain, etc.). Currently, our focus is to launch an Ethereum rollup to help scale Ethereum beyond its current capacity.

Job Summary


📍Community Engagement and Outreach: Lead and participate in workshops, talks, and hackathons to actively engage and educate the developer community. Represent Fuel Network at developer events and conferences, serving as a technical brand ambassador. 📍Direct Developer Support: Provide hands-on support through forums, social media, and conferences, addressing queries and concerns. Foster strong relationships with developers, understanding their challenges and needs. 📍Technical Content Creation: Develop and publish a range of technical content, including blog posts, videos, and livestreams.Focus content on showcasing Fuel Network's capabilities and educating developers on best practices. 📍Feedback Collection and Analysis: Gather feedback from community interactions and online platforms to inform product improvements. Synthesize and report feedback to internal teams for integration into development strategies. 📍Developer Advocacy Strategy: Design and implement strategies to increase awareness and adoption of Fuel Network among developers. 📍Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of advocacy efforts to refine approaches.


📍Strong Communication: Exhibit exceptional communication skills, both in creating content and in direct engagement with the developer community. 📍Feedback Integration: Actively listen to and incorporate developer feedback into Fuel Network’s strategies and product development. 📍Technical Expertise: Maintain a deep understanding of Fuel's products and technologies to effectively advocate and provide knowledgeable support. 📍Community Building: Foster a positive and engaged community around Fuel Network, encouraging active participation and collaboration.

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