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Customer Support Officer
at Swyftx
5 months ago | 2216 views | 26 applications

Customer Support Officer

Per year
$112,000 To $132,000

About the company

At Swyftx, we're not just building a fintech scaleup; we're shaping the future of Australia's digital currency industry. With over 650,000 users, we have our sights set high, aiming to be Australia's most trusted cryptocurrency trading platform and the next billion-dollar success story.

Job Summary

Some of your key responsibilities in this role will include:

📍Delivering top-tier customer service across various channels, including live chat, emails, and phone interactions. 📍Establishing strong rapport with both new and existing customers, positioning yourself as a trusted advisor. 📍Provide personalised assistance to high-value clients by prioritising the resolution of their issues and concerns. 📍Efficiently manage your time by handling an average of 20 customer inquiries per hour whilst maintaining quality support. 📍Collaborating with customers and colleagues to gather information and promptly resolve customer issues, striving for first point-of-contact resolution. 📍Methodically troubleshooting, investigating, and solving unique customer inquiries, while clearly documenting everything in our CRM system. 📍Ability to handle and deescalate difficult customers or high-pressure situations while maintaining professionalism and empathy. 📍Assisting the Compliance Team by addressing incomplete verifications and facilitating KYC processes to onboard new users.

To ensure success in this role, you should possess:

📍A strong background in cryptocurrency, including: 📍A minimum of 3 years hands-on cryptocurrency expertise either through personal investing or from direct work experience 📍Proficient use of block explorers to diagnose and resolve transfer issues. 📍Practical experience and a thorough understanding of different cryptocurrency networks, along with operating various hot and cold wallets. 📍Familiarity and capability across various local and international cryptocurrency exchanges. 📍An understanding of trading and derivatives markets. 📍Willingness to stay updated on industry trends, new cryptocurrencies, and changes in regulations. 📍Previous experience in customer support, preferably using platforms like Intercom or Zendesk. 📍Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal. 📍The ability to explain complex concepts clearly and concisely to users with varying levels of expertise. 📍Able to thrive in a dynamic work setting by readily adapting to changes. 📍Collaborative skills to work with other teams within the company, such as development or compliance teams, in addressing and flagging complex issues.

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