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Customer Relations Agent
at Gnosis
4 months ago | 787 views | Be the first one to apply

Customer Relations Agent

United Kingdom

About the company

We’re building the infrastructure for the open-internet. A resilient and credibly neutral network open to anyone without privilege or prejudice. Be a part of a team leading the web3 movement.

Job Summary

What you’ll do

📍Engage Directly with Cardholders: Handle inquiries and concerns with a focus on providing personalized and empathetic service. 📍Problem Solving: Address and resolve cardholder issues promptly, using creative and effective solutions. 📍Educate and Inform: Help cardholders understand our products and services, guiding them to make the most of what we offer. 📍Feedback Implementation: Actively listen to cardholder feedback and collaborate with internal teams to translate this feedback into tangible improvements in our processes and systems. 📍Process Optimization: Contribute to the continuous refinement of our operational procedures to enhance cardholder satisfaction. 📍Brand Advocacy: Represent and embody our company's values in every interaction, strengthening our brand’s relationship with its customers. 📍Team Collaboration: Work closely with other team members and departments to develop strategies that improve overall service quality and efficiency. 📍Stay Informed and Adapt: Keep up-to-date with industry trends and best practices to ensure our service standards remain cutting-edge.

Who you are

📍Customer-Centric: Your approach is always focused on understanding and meeting the customer needs, ensuring that every action you take contributes positively to their experience. 📍Effective Communicator: With excellent verbal and written communication skills, you can convey information clearly and empathetically to a diverse range of customers. 📍Familiar with Web3 & DeFi: You understand the core concepts of decentralized finance & blockchains, and have had experience buying/selling/swapping/bridging tokens. 📍Problem Solver: You are adept at identifying issues and finding creative, practical solutions to resolve them efficiently. 📍Empathetic Listener: You have the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, which helps in building strong relationships with cardholders.

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