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Easygo Gaming
Customer Operations Manager
5 months ago | 746 views | 1 applications

Customer Operations Manager


About the company

Easygo is the Australian powerhouse behind some of the world’s fastest growing online brands including Kick and Stake At Easygo we proudly stand as a prominent service provider to a powerhouse of brands within the iGaming industry, including, and Twist Gaming. Stake is the world's largest crypto casino, and leads the industry with a seamless online casino and sportsbook experience. Level up your online entertainment with, the vibrant live streaming platform, which connects millions of gamers and content creators worldwide. All alongside the innovative game design studio, Twist Gaming, which takes creativity to new heights by crafting cutting-edge and captivating games. Our commitment to placing our clients and their communities' entertainment at the forefront of everything we do, has solidified us as the ultimate online service provider for entertainment companies.

Job Summary

What you will do:

📍Team Leadership and Management: Oversee and manage customer support teams across the Stake brand and its associated gaming/sportsbook/casino brands. This includes recruitment, training, and development of team members in particular the team leads to ensure they are high-performing, engaged, and capable of delivering exceptional customer service. 📍Customer Experience Oversight: Ensure that customer interactions across all platforms are efficient, effective, and consistently positive. Develop and implement strategies to enhance the customer journey, and work closely with the Customer Experience Manager to align these strategies. 📍Multicultural Team Management: Manage a diverse, multicultural team, understanding the unique challenges and opportunities this presents. Foster an inclusive workplace culture that respects and values diversity. 📍Operational Flexibility: Be flexible with working hours and potential travel, including the ability to attend meetings outside of regular business hours and work on weekends when necessary. This flexibility is crucial due to the 24/7 nature of operations and the global reach of stakeholders. 📍Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work closely with other business units, particularly with the Customer Experience Manager, Learning and Quality Manager and Change Lead, to ensure a unified approach to customer operations. This involves coordinating with different teams to align objectives and strategies. 📍Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Monitor team performance against key metrics and goals. Provide regular reports to senior management on team performance, customer feedback, and any issues or opportunities identified. 📍Crisis and Conflict Resolution: Handle escalated customer issues, resolving conflicts and crises effectively, and maintaining the brand's reputation. 📍Growth and Expansion Planning: Play a key role in planning and implementing the expansion of the customer support team, including establishing teams across different languages and regions. 📍Budget and Resource Management: Manage the budget for the customer support department, ensuring resources are allocated effectively to meet business objectives. 📍Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with internal and external stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations, ensuring that the customer support team aligns with broader business objectives.

What you will bring:

📍Leadership in Customer Support/Service: Proven experience in leading customer support or service teams, preferably in a related industry (e.g., gaming, sportsbook, casino). This should include direct experience managing teams that handle customer interactions. 📍Experience Managing Managers: Demonstrated ability in managing other managers or supervisors, including providing leadership, mentorship, and performance evaluations. 📍Multicultural Team Management: Experience in managing diverse and multicultural teams, with an understanding of the nuances and challenges involved. 📍Operational Management: Solid background in managing operations, particularly those that are 24/7 and involve coordinating with global stakeholders. 📍Customer Experience Improvement: Track record of enhancing customer experience and implementing customer service strategies. 📍Conflict Resolution: Experience in resolving complex customer complaints and managing escalated issues effectively. 📍Performance Metrics and Reporting: Familiarity with monitoring performance metrics for customer service teams and reporting to higher management.

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