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About the company

CAIZ is THE FIRST ISLAMIC ECOSYSTEM BUILD ON BLOCKCHAIN: The mission is to create a Fiqh compliant financial ecosystem that provides our community fair and easy access to ethical financial products and services that give them the tools to build a strong financial future and engage in long term economically beneficial behaviour. CAIZcoin is the native coin that can be used on the CAIZblockchain to make payments, store value and to interact with the ethical financial products that will be built. The CAIZapp serves as the centerpiece of the extensive CAIZecosystem. With the App, you can maintain complete control over your digital assets and access all the features of the ecosystem.

Job Summary


📍Research, design, and develop secure cryptographic algorithms, protocols, and systems that meet industry standards and address specific security requirements 📍Implement cryptographic algorithms and protocols into software applications, platforms, and systems, ensuring their correct and efficient operation 📍Develop and maintain key management procedures, including key generation, storage, distribution, and revocation, to ensure the secure use of cryptographic keys 📍Conduct thorough security analysis of cryptographic systems, identify vulnerabilities, and propose effective countermeasures to mitigate risks 📍Collaborate with software engineers and other stakeholders to integrate cryptographic solutions into software applications and ensure proper functioning and interoperability 📍Stay up-to-date with industry best practices, cryptographic standards, and regulations, and ensure compliance with relevant security requirements 📍Stay abreast of the latest advancements in cryptographic techniques, algorithms, and protocols through continuous learning and research, and apply new knowledge to enhance the security posture of the organization 📍Prepare clear and concise documentation, including cryptographic specifications, implementation guides, and security policies, to facilitate understanding and proper usage of cryptographic systems


Experience: 📍4+ years of professional experience in a Cryptographer role 📍Knowledge or experience in Finance and/or Decentralized Finance and/or Cryptocurrency/Blockchain is an advantage 📍Analytical and problem-solving skills 📍Communication skills 📍Great at organising, prioritizing, and multitasking 📍Tech-savvy

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