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Entangle Labs
Crypto Meme Artist
2 months ago | 352 views | 2 applications

Crypto Meme Artist


About the company

Entangle envisions a crypto ecosystem where data and assets flow freely and seamlessly across both Web2 and Web3. We are committed to building B2B solutions with custom universal data feeds, cross-chain messaging solutions, optimised to developers needs and Liquid Vaults DApp, which serves as natural liquidity optimizer and insurer of capital efficiency.

Job Summary

Key Responsibilities:

📍Create original and humorous crypto-themed memes that appeal to our target audience. 📍Stay updated on crypto news, trends, and popular culture references to generate timely and relevant content. 📍Collaborate with the content team to brainstorm ideas and develop meme concepts that align with our brand voice and objectives. 📍Experiment with different meme formats, styles, and trends to keep our content fresh and engaging. 📍Maintain a consistent posting schedule and ensure timely delivery of memes across social media channels. 📍Monitor audience feedback, engagement metrics, and trends to optimize meme performance and inform future content creation. 📍Actively participate in community discussions, engage with followers, and foster a positive and inclusive online environment. 📍Keep abreast of meme trends, best practices, and emerging platforms to continuously improve our meme strategy.


📍 Proficiency in crypto markets, psychology, and Crypto Twitter. 📍Ability to design memes in a style similar to those found on Entangle's Twitter. 📍Proficiency in creating designs tailored for various social media platforms and emojis. 📍Strong understanding of crypto culture, trends, and terminology. 📍Creative thinker with a knack for humor and satire. 📍Excellent attention to detail and ability to convey complex ideas concisely through visuals and captions. 📍Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced, remote environment. 📍Prior experience creating memes or digital content (portfolio or examples of previous work preferred).

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