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Compliance Intern
about 2 months ago | 626 views | 51 applications

Compliance Intern

Per year
$21,000 To $60,000

About the company

Run your PKI and certificate lifecycle automation in the cloud. Eliminate outages & risks. Reduce unnecessary costs, mitigate risk & eliminate outages with Keyfactor PKI management. Proven Scalability. Secure Certificates. Scalable SSL Solution.

Job Summary


📍Risk Assessment and Control Evaluation: 📍Assist in conducting risk assessments across various business units. 📍Evaluate internal controls to identify gaps and recommend improvements. 📍Collaborate with stakeholders to address control deficiencies. 📍Compliance Monitoring: 📍Support the monitoring of regulatory compliance requirements. 📍Assist in tracking changes in laws, regulations, and industry standards. 📍Participate in compliance audits and assessments. 📍Policy Development and Implementation: 📍Contribute to the development and enhancement of governance policies. 📍Help implement policies related to data privacy, information security, and ethical conduct. 📍Promote awareness of policies among employees. 📍Training and Awareness: 📍Assist in organizing training sessions on compliance and risk management. 📍Create educational materials to enhance employee understanding of GRC principles. 📍Foster a culture of compliance within the organization. 📍Reporting and Documentation: 📍Prepare reports on risk exposure, compliance status, and control effectiveness. 📍Maintain accurate documentation of policies, procedures, and risk assessments. 📍Assist in presenting findings to senior management.

Skills and Qualifications

📍Strong analytical skills and attention to detail. 📍Interest in governance, risk management, and compliance. 📍Strong communication and interpersonal abilities. 📍Proficiency in Microsoft Office365 Products

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