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Competitions Administrator: MVP Specialist
about 1 year ago | 1125 views | 1 applications

Competitions Administrator: MVP Specialist


About the company

[Code4rena]( runs community-driven competitions for smart contract audits. Thousands of auditors from around the world compete to keep high-severity bugs out of the Web3 ecosystem and make crypto projects safer. C4’s competition model aligns three core sets of interests in support of a more secure, stable, and prosperous Web3: 1. Web3 projects get the best talent in the industry, on demand — and many skilled eyes on their code; 2. Wardens (security researchers) compete for generous prize pools, guaranteed payouts, elite status, and performance-based opportunities; 3. The broader Web3 community benefits from published reports, responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities, and a supportive learning community where newcomers can build skills and get paid. That’s the view from the outside. From the inside, you’ll find Code4rena to be a warm, inclusive community. C4 staff are kind and conscientious people who are excited about working in a cutting edge industry.

Job Summary

Code4rena is looking for a Competitions Administrator focused on supporting the implementation of new product offerings and handling the logistical side of MVP (minimum viable product) prototypes.

The Competitions Administrator we’re looking for is a highly organized individual with excellent communication and collaboration skills. They have an aptitude for iterating on processes in a rapidly scaling, startup-type environment — meaning, they enjoy generally knowing what they’ll be working on and doing that well but are also interested in helping us develop processes that can make us more effective, efficient, and scalable.

👉 On a day-to-day basis, this looks like: ◎ Hands-on work to ship MVP offerings quickly. The Head of Customer Success will prototype processes, and you will execute and document them as they’re iterated. ◎ Communicating with stakeholders. The new offerings will require answering questions and shepherding sponsors, wardens, judges, and other community members through processes that are in development. ◎ Iterating and improving processes. Each MVP is an experiment with a hypothesis, and involves rapid iteration. You will help the Administration and Customer Success teams to iterate and improve the process with each iteration.

This is definitely more for folks who lean toward "N" over "S" from a Myers-Briggs perspective and tend more toward extroversion as a lot of work will require communication to various stakeholders involved in the process. A curious mind is a distinct advantage here, as is a growth mindset (in the Carol Dweck sense).

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