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Community Manager Portuguese speaking
14 days ago | 124 views | 3 applications

Community Manager Portuguese speaking

Per year
$31,000 To $90,000

About the company

CoinMarketCap is the world’s most trusted and accurate source of data for cryptocurrencies. Used by millions of individuals, organizations, and exchanges, CoinMarketCap brings the most up-to-date market capitalizations, pricing, and cryptocurrency information to our users. Pulling data from multiple exchanges and combining our robust research allows us to provide the most realistic representation of each cryptocurrency. As we grow, we will continue to provide access to our data wherever, whenever, and however is most helpful to our users.

Job Summary

Job Description

📍We are looking for an experienced Portuguese speaking Community Manager to inspire, support and educate our communities both users and developers. 📍Project Lead Discovery: Actively explore and track new blockchain project leads, assessing potential market value and opportunities for collaboration. 📍KOL Relationship Building: Identify and engage Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) within the blockchain field, establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships, and inviting them to participate in project promotion activities. 📍Local Community Management: Manage and operate local online communities, such as Telegram groups, forums, etc., regularly release project updates, answer community member queries, and enhance community activity and user participation. 📍Developer Relationship Building: Expand and manage local and global developer communities, providing them with technical support and resources, and encouraging their participation in the BNB chain ecosystem. 📍Offline Event Organization: Plan and execute a variety of offline events, such as seminars, lectures, hackathons, etc., to increase brand awareness and user engagement. 📍Volunteer Relationship Management: Establish and maintain relationships with volunteers, ensuring their investment and support for the project. 📍Localized Market: Develop and implement localized market promotion strategies to increase the BNB Chain's influence in the local market.


📍Deep understanding and enthusiasm for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, with at least 3+ years of relevant work experience(web3 working experience and marketing experience). 📍Excellent project management and lead discovery abilities, capable of effectively identifying and tracking potential projects. 📍Extensive experience in social media and community management, familiar with platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 📍Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, capable of establishing good relationships with KOLs, developers, and community members. 📍Strong data analysis skills, capable of understanding community performance and trends through data.

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