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Orderly Network
Blockchain Researcher
12 days ago | 127 views | 4 applications

Blockchain Researcher


About the company

Orderly Network is a permissionless, decentralized exchange protocol and modular ecosystem built on top of NEAR. It uses an on-chain orderbook to provide a platform complete with a risk engine, matching engine, and shared asset pools for Dapps to build on top of. Dapps built on the Orderly Network will allow for financial instruments such as; Spot Trading, Margin Trading, Perpetual Swaps and Lending & Borrowing. Whilst a fully independent team operates at Orderly Network, we were incubated by NEAR and WOO Network - Industry heavyweights in their respective fields. Thanks to both the guidance and expertise Orderly Network will offer market-leading execution with low latency and minimal fees with a combination of orderbook efficiency alongside on-chain settlement. We will become the go-to network for ecosystem partners to come and build upon.

Job Summary

What will you be working on?

📍Staying up to date with industry trends to provide strategic insights and identify areas of improvement. 📍Identify and support additional initiatives to facilitate the growth of our ecosystem. 📍Investigate emerging technologies, innovations, and opportunities in the blockchain industry and conduct independent research to compile reports with unique insights. 📍Produce weekly market commentary and project updates for the department's ongoing projects. 📍Produce original valuation & modeling work to help further develop the products/projects in our ecosystem. 📍Coordinate and edit technical documentation

What tech stacks/skills will you be using?

📍Demonstrable experience working on a role relating to technical paper writing and research 📍Bachelor's degree in mathematics, computer science, data analysis, or a related field is preferred. 📍Deep knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchains 📍Has published research, analyses, articles, or blogs on blockchain projects or protocols will be a huge plus 📍Technical understanding of blockchain / smart contracts and their technical limitations is highly beneficial 📍Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to discuss and explain technical concepts, solutions, and architectures 📍Organized and self-sufficient

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