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Rome Protocol
Blockchain Researcher: Intern
about 1 month ago | 282 views | 11 applications

Blockchain Researcher: Intern

Los Angeles
Per year
$50,000 To $120,000

About the company

Rome Protocol is building a shared sequencer network leveraging Solana. Shared sequencers solve the biggest problems for Ethereum’s rollup-centric future. Using Solana as a shared sequencer leverages a well-tested, secure, and high throughput network to solve these problems. We are building a shared sequencer that can be integrated with any Ethereum based rollups. It is intended to be used for thousands of rollups. We work in person from our Los Angeles and New York offices, and are remote friendly.

Job Summary


📍Content Development: Create a wide range of high-quality technical content, including blog posts, tweets, case studies, and marketing materials. 📍Effectively highlight Rome's value proposition, product features, and brand positioning. 📍Research: Conduct in-depth research on the modular ecosystem and Layer 2 solutions, focusing on sequencer integration and Zero Knowledge VM, to keep our content at the forefront of industry trends. 📍SEO Optimization: Optimize content for SEO to enhance Rome's organic visibility and authority in rollup ecosystems, ensuring accuracy and accessibility for our target audience.


📍Writing Proficiency: Possess excellent English writing and proofreading skills, with a strong ability to produce clear, accurate, and engaging content. 📍Industry Experience: Have a track record of creating high-quality written content (such as blog posts and Twitter threads) within the blockchain or startup tech industry. 📍Blockchain Knowledge: Demonstrate a robust understanding of blockchain concepts, L2 solutions, and the modular ecosystem, or show a willingness to learn these areas deeply. 📍Research Skills: Are skilled in researching and distilling complex technical information into concise, compelling content that resonates with a diverse audience. 📍SEO Familiarity: Are familiar with SEO best practices and techniques for content optimization to enhance online visibility. 📍Independence and Enthusiasm: Are self-driven and enthusiastic about continuous learning and collaborating effectively with team members.

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