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Blockchain Core Developer Erigon Go
at Gnosis
4 months ago | 534 views | 2 applications

Blockchain Core Developer Erigon Go


About the company

We’re building the infrastructure for the open-internet. A resilient and credibly neutral network open to anyone without privilege or prejudice. Be a part of a team leading the web3 movement.

Job Summary

What you will do:

📍Grasp complex technical topics such as Ethereum protocol changes (e.g. EIP-7002) as well as algorithms and data structures non-specific to blockchains. 📍Understand scientific papers like "RecSplit: Minimal Perfect Hashing via Recursive Splitting", 📍Work with other teams (Ethereum Foundation researchers, other L1 developers, and the broader community) to implement experimental EIPs (say, EIP-3074) in Erigon and provide critique and feedback on such EIPs. 📍Persevere through a somewhat messy code base and ultimately simplify and improve it.

Who you are

📍Main requirements: 📍Potential candidates should be talented software engineers capable of handling complicated code and technically challenging problems. 📍Competence in Computer Science (performance characteristics and applicability of algorithms and data structures). 📍Knowledge of how the blockchain technology works at the fundamental level. 📍Desirable, but not mandatory requirements: 📍General knowledge of the Go programming language and its internals. 📍Advanced mathematical knowledge, for example, of elliptic curve cryptography or Byzantine fault tolerance. 📍Knowledge of DBMS data structures such as B-trees and LSM trees.

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