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Backend Engineer Java
about 1 month ago | 231 views | 4 applications

Backend Engineer Java

Per year
$90,000 To $102,000

About the company

As an Austrian-founded company, our company headquarters is located in Vienna, so you'll notice a lot of our roles target here. However, as we also have talent hubs in other cities across Europe (Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Bucharest) many of our positions are open to these locations as well.

Job Summary

What you’ll do

📍Develop clean, scalable and maintainable solutions for high performance backend systems with event driven architecture hosted on AWS with Kafka. 📍Work closely with QA engineers on ensuring the quality of our codebase with extensive unit, integration and end to end testing. 📍Drive innovation by adopting the latest trends and technologies in the market, ensuring our services remain cutting-edge. 📍Join a motivated team of highly skilled, experienced developers that can support and mentor you on your learning journey.

Who you are

📍You bring a passion for top notch development practices and Java (11+) is your main love/programming language. 📍You have knowledge of both relational and non-relational databases (e.g. Postgres). 📍You can easily create and maintain publicly available REST APIs. Kafka might be new to you, but you’ve touched upon event driven microservices and ready to deep dive further 📍Familiarity with any of the following are huge bonus points: AWS, Azure or GCP, PHP, running and maintaining CI/CD Pipelines (Gitlab, Jenkins),

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