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Application Security Engineer
4 months ago | 453 views | 2 applications

Application Security Engineer


About the company

*Scroll has a remote-first work culture, our staff base is globally distributed and we are location agnostic. We make hiring decisions based on talent, culture fit and role suitability. If you have the skills and experience requested by this job description then please APPLY! At Scroll, we operate on the bleeding edge of a fast-moving frontier of zk technology, research and innovation. The Application Security Engineer will be responsible for improving the zkEVM-based zkRollup security, ensuring that Scroll is one of the safest Layer 2’s for projects and users. The role is ideal for an individual who thrives in a start-up environment, a self-starter that is dynamic and comfortable to take on responsibilities and can work effectively within a remote setup.

Job Summary


📍As an Application Security Engineer you will audit, evaluate and suggest code improvements to Scroll’s contracts and one of the world’s most complex circuits, the zkEVM; 📍You will triage bug bounty submissions and work with hackers from the community to evaluate and fix confirmed bugs; 📍You will help improve and implement Scroll’s secure software development life cycle; 📍You will contribute to building onchain monitoring to help identify potential security issues before they are exploited; 📍You will work with other security researchers at Scroll and in the community to keep us apprised of the latest threats to layer 2 rollup solutions; 📍You will collaborate externally with the brightest minds in the zk and blockchain communities, while enhancing our brand and visibility within those communities; 📍Come join us, and work alongside other deeply-driven technical minds, in a culture defined by openness, autonomy, and ownership;


📍Knowledge in Solidity is a must and knowledge in EVM is a must; 📍Outstanding coding standards: Proficient in open-source contributions, ensuring code correctness, performance, and maintainability, with strong developer practices; 📍Skilled in code auditing and collaborating well with other developers via tools like Notion and GitHub; 📍Familiar with security tools and code analysis tools; 📍Degree in Computer Science or broad knowledge of computer science and system security; 📍You enjoy collaborating with developers, researchers, and hackers and excel at communicating with them, asynchronously and across cultures. You speak and write (documentation, specs, Slack, etc), clearly and concisely.

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