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VP of Operations
at Ondo
7 months ago | 708 views | 5 applications

VP of Operations


About the company

Hi, we're Ondo Finance. Our mission is to provide institutional-grade, blockchain-enabled investment products and services. We have both a technology arm that develops decentralized finance technology, and an asset management arm that creates and manages tokenized funds. We are the first (and so far, only) company to tokenize exposure to US Treasuries. We are also focused on incubating protocols that can support both tokenized real-world assets and traditional crypto. We're fully remote, with team members across the globe.

Job Summary

Target Outcomes

📍Reputation for World-Class Investment Operations. Stakeholders who investigate our investments operations — whether customers, auditors, regulators, or internal stakeholders — are consistently impressed with the quality, thoroughness, robustness, compliance, and efficiency of our investment operations such that it bolsters our reputation and brand. 📍No Major Problems. There are no significant operational snafus that materially impact either the client experience or Ondo’s reputation (including regulatory and security). 📍Pristine, Up-to-Date Records & Reporting. All books and records for all our investment products are consistently correct, reconciled, and up to date. Such books and records include, but are not limited to, investor accounts and wallets, fund and share class NAV and NAV per share/token, yield and fee accruals and disbursements. All tax, audit, compliance, and other requiring forms and filings are consistently up to date. 📍Delightful & Compliant New Client Onboarding Experience. To the extent operations is involved, Investors are delighted with their experience onboarding to new Ondo products and services. All onboarding processes consistently meeting all required compliance needs. 📍Clear, Timely, and Accessible Communication. Relevant information is consistently and accurately communicated on time to all relevant parties as needed (for example, price and yield numbers listed on our website). Analytics and reporting regarding our investment products and operations is easily accessible to internal stakeholders, clear, up-to-date, and visually pleasing. Internally, Investment Operation priorities and activities and well understood by the appropriate members of other teams. 📍Clear (and Met) SLAs. New deposits and redemptions are handled accord to agreed-upon processes and procedures and happy and occur according to agreed-upon SLAs. 📍Rapid and Flawless Operationalization of New Products. New investment products (and new iterations on existing products) are launched faster than most people would think possible while still operating without visible hiccup or issue. 📍Detailed, Clear, Consistently Up-To-Date Process Documentation. All processes are fully documented (with up to date documentation). Each process clearly indicates who is responsible for the design / architecture, day-to-day oversight, and day-to-day running and support of each process. Such processes are operationalized in checklists used daily by the team. 📍Effective, Efficient, Secure, and Compliant Investment Operations. Clear redundancy and escalation policies, procedures, and systems are in place to support all our products and services. Business continuity plans are robust, well planned, and consistently up to date. Security permissions are thoughtful, appropriately balance efficiency and security, are approved by our security committee, and are up-to-date. There is consistency between our operational checklists, internal policies, legal and marketing documents provided to investors, what is required by law and/or regulation, and what we actually do every day. 📍Internal Team Effectiveness. Individuals within the investment operations team are engaged, effective, efficient, and productive. Roles and responsibilities are clear. The team knows where to find information, what the goals and priorities are. New hires are hired and onboarded efficiently and effectively. High performers are appropriately retained. Low performers are appropriately coached or let go. The team works together harmoniously. 📍Strong Stakeholder Effectiveness. The interface and relationships between the Investment Operations team and its stakeholders - including outside service providers as well as other Ondo teams - is effective and harmonious. 📍KPIs Appropriately Set and Maintained. Key operational KPIs related to SLAs, error and flow, internal and external stakeholder satisfaction, and operational efficiency exceed peer-group benchmarks.

Your Responsibilities Will Include...

📍Build out and Management of Investment Operations Team. Plan for, hire, and manage the investment operations team, including investment operations managers, associates, investment accountants, investment compliance personnel, consultants, and related parties. Appropriately balance between maintaining appropriate excess capacity for redundancy and agility and maintaining cost efficiency. 📍Being the “Hands On” Second Layer of Defense. Get involved in the details of any issue or process that needs senior leadership or rapid resolution. 📍Client & Regulator Communications. Be the face of the investment operations team to clients and regulators. This involves both attendance and presentation in meetings, but also in written communications (including, but not limited to, customer support materials, marketing materials, and customer diligence questionnaires) 📍Process Development, Management, and Improvement. Work closely with product, engineering, compliance, and other teams to design robust and clear operational processes and then monitor to ensure adherence, updating procedures as necessary. When things go wrong, as appropriate conduct root-cause analysis and make process changes. 📍Interdepartmental Communication and Relations. Work with other department leaders to ensure clear delineations of responsibilities between teams and ensure effective, harmonious relations between teams. 📍KPIs and Reporting. Design, inspect, and manage reporting across all investment products. 📍Audit, Tax, and Compliance Management: Ensure that all investment operations are compliant with all relevant regulations and internal policies. Ensure are appropriate registrations, filings, and reports are completed and submitted on time. 📍Risk & Security Management: identifying and managing operational risks associated with investment operations. This includes setting and managing authorizations and permission levels for personnel for all activities related to investment operations. Ensure business continuity plans and other plans are thorough and up to date.

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