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Yuga Labs
QA Lead
4 months ago | 427 views | 12 applications

QA Lead

Per year
$145,000 To $175,000

About the company

Yuga Labs is a web3 company exploring big ideas in identity, ownership, utility, and interoperability to push the crypto and NFT space forward. As The Defiant recently said, "The story of Yuga Labs is one where the improbable has become reality in the blink of an eye." Since debuting with our flagship collection Bored Ape Yacht Club in April 2021, we’ve created new IP for the ape ecosystem (Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Bored Ape Kennel Club), acquired other top collections (CryptoPunks and Meebits), and pulled off successful events (ApeFest) and partnerships (Rolling Stone). And we made both web3 and gaming history — the biggest NFT mint ever followed by a game demo with record-breaking synchronized player participation — for our newest initiative, Otherside.

Job Summary

The Job

📍Identify project needs and establish QA best practices and processes that take into account the team's resources, roadmap, and quality standards 📍Report on metrics using data to guide action for your team 📍Create extensive test strategies and test plans which are owned internally and leveraged across external vendors to test and execute at scale 📍Define and drive a sustainable cross-discipline test plan while closely communicating with core project team members 📍Hold teams accountable for upholding quality and player impact as a factor in decisions 📍Plan and execute a preventative-care strategy with cross-discipline leadership 📍Develop sustainable test methodologies and drive accountability and ownership across relevant teams to maintain these practices 📍Preemptively assess and mitigate long-term risks in a games as a live service environment 📍Build and delegate test maintenance strategies for owned content once it has shipped 📍Assess and escalate project-level risks and implement improvements and solutions across cross-functional teams 📍Utilize project test coverage experience to work with team to build and maintain technical testing solutions that focus on both short and long term sustainability and scalability

Your Skills

📍8+ years of Quality Assurance Experience, with 3+ years leading QA teams on complex game development projects 📍Robust leadership experience in a lead QA role within the games industry 📍Ability to lead a test project on a large multi-discipline team in a games as a live service environment 📍Ability to translate large-scale and complex cross-discipline goals into cohesive test plans 📍Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with stakeholders and to relay complex concepts in a digestible manner 📍Ability to set strategic goals, but also hold team members to effective tactical execution 📍Experience working with distributed/remote testing teams & vendors (spanning multiple timezones) 📍Experience working with test automation and tooling solutions

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