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API Developer
at Uphold
4 months ago | 829 views | 2 applications

API Developer

Per year
$122,000 To $166,000

About the company

Uphold is an easy-to-use investments and payments app. Specialising in digital assets, we serve more than 10 million customers in 150 countries. We open around 3,000 accounts a day and provide consumers with a more versatile and cost-effective home for their daily financial lives. For businesses, we provide regulated infrastructure to connect crypto with fiat currencies. Today, we support over 200 digital assets, 28 national currencies and four precious metals. Our unique trading experience allows customers to trade directly between any supported asset or currency in one step - physical gold to Bitcoin, for example - saving both time and money.

Job Summary

What you’ll be doing primarily:

📍Identify and design APIs needed to address business requirements. 📍Making crucial technical architectural decisions. 📍Writing high quality code with performance and scalability in mind. 📍Specifying interfaces and technologies for future customer use. 📍Collaborating with product managers, engineers and other project stakeholders throughout the software development life cycle (planning, design, implementation, deployment and support). 📍Developing APIs designed to cater to millions of customers. 📍Taking ownership of the complete lifecycle of API changes. 📍Managing automation and orchestration of environments including production. 📍Overseeing maintenance tasks and providing on-call support when necessary.

Required qualifications:

📍Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, or equivalent. 📍Five or more years of relevant experience in constructing SaaS or API-driven applications. 📍Experience with public API platforms in financial services space (banks or fintechs). 📍Proficiency with REST and GraphQL API (bonus if FIX experience, not a requirement). 📍Understanding of the core API platform architecture principles, such as idempotency, API versioning, API security, API traffic monitoring, etc. 📍Expertise in architecting software development. 📍Hands-on experience with tools related to the API development and deployment, such as API testing tools (e.g. Postman), API gateways, API documentation generators, API log monitors, etc. 📍Demonstrated proficiency in both building and utilizing highly scalable APIs. 📍Hands-on experience with microservices architecture. 📍Proficiency with the following technologies: Node.js, gRPC, PostgreSQL, Docker and Kubernetes. 📍Strong understanding of relational (preferably PostgreSQL) and/or non-relational databases (e.g. Redis). 📍Familiarity with the following technology providers (or similar): AWS, DataDog, Sentry, Cloudflare, PagerDuty. 📍Excellent communication skills and a team player with the ability to work in cross-functional teams, and with a great attitude. 📍Fluent written and oral English communication skills.

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