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AI Product Manager
4 months ago | 389 views | Be the first one to apply

AI Product Manager

San Francisco

About the company

MyShell is building an open ecosystem for AI Native Apps. With powerful model platform and creator toolkit, anyone can easily build AI Native Apps. At MyShell, we envision a future where everyone are empowered to access, crate and benefit with AI native apps in a decentralized way. Since its launch in April 2023, MyShell has accumulated a vibrant and strong community across many countries and areas. With a global exposure, MyShell is growing rapidly. The team behind MyShell is composed of talents from prestigious institutions such as MIT, Princeton, and Oxford. With a diversified and agile team, every employee in MyShell will enjoy a fair, transparent, and warm working environment. MyShell has already secured millions of dollars in funding from top-tier VCs.

Job Summary

Key Responsibilities

📍Accountable for AI product lifecycle planning and management, encompassing market trend analysis, demand assessment, product positioning, feature design, R&D progress oversight, quality control, and final product outcome responsibility. 📍Spearhead the development of AI platform capabilities leveraging large language models, integrating AI composability to construct corresponding functional modules and product framework design, facilitating seamless integration for application processes, and enhancing platform usability and user experience. 📍Deeply comprehend user needs within the AI productivity platform, conceptualize the AI platform ecosystem and full-process AI R&D facilities around multimodal capabilities and low-code application scenarios, and propose innovative product strategies and interaction logic solutions. 📍Conduct user needs research, data analysis, insight mining, PRD writing, and coordinate project teams to implement designs and iterate continuously. 📍Utilize a data-driven approach to mine user needs and continuously optimize product and feature experiences based on AI capabilities, bolstering the competitiveness and user experience of AI products, and driving the growth of core indicators. 📍Stay abreast of cutting-edge developments in AI, gain further experience, analyze related products, and synthesize optimization ideas for implementation.

[Ideal Candidate Profile]

📍Work Experience and Skills Requirements: 📍Hold a bachelor's degree or higher, possess familiarity with the principles and implementation methods of machine learning, deep learning, and other AI technologies, along with an understanding of common AI frameworks and tools. 📍Accumulate over 3 years of experience in platform-type product creation, demonstrating the ability to launch products from inception to realization (0 to 1), leading or participating in AI platform product construction, and exhibiting strong demand abstraction and product design abilities. 📍Exhibit experience in LLMOps, LLM application, low-code, DevOps, and related product or module design, with a preference for successful product landing cases. 📍Proficient in using various AI tools, quick to learn and adapt to emerging fields, possessing strong technical understanding and an innovative spirit with a willingness to break from routine. 📍Possess strong English communication and writing skills. 📍Technical background and strong hands-on technical ability, with international experience considered a plus.

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