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[Code4rena]( runs community-driven competitions for smart contract audits. Thousands of auditors from around the world compete to keep high-severity bugs out of the Web3 ecosystem and make crypto projects safer. C4’s competition model aligns three core sets of interests in support of a more secure, stable, and prosperous Web3: 1. Web3 projects get the best talent in the industry, on demand — and many skilled eyes on their code; 2. Wardens (security researchers) compete for generous prize pools, guaranteed payouts, elite status, and performance-based opportunities; 3. The broader Web3 community benefits from published reports, responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities, and a supportive learning community where newcomers can build skills and get paid. That’s the view from the outside. From the inside, you’ll find Code4rena to be a warm, inclusive community. C4 staff are kind and conscientious people who are excited about working in a cutting edge industry.