TitanSwap is Awarded the Most Noteworthy DEX of 2020, Will the Value of TITAN Rocket to the Moon?

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On October 25, the 2020 blockchain annual ceremony and the “Star Power” award ceremony organized by Bolian Finance, a famous blockchain media, was held in the Bund of Shanghai. Over 500 blockchain industry leaders participated in the activity and conducted hot discussion and in-depth dialogue.

On October 25, 2019, Bolian Finance held the first Global Blockchain Fashion Night | Shanghai Cruise Dinner and “Star Power” blockchain annual awards ceremony on the Bund Luxury Cruises in Shanghai successfully. Following the success, this year’s event catches a lot attention, with the focus on various hot topics such as encrypted assets and trading, derivatives (contracts, futures, options), DeFi (DEX, liquidity mining) and so on.

At the ceremony, the 2020 “Star Power” Festival Organizing Committee reviewed the blockchain industry in 2020 and gave out multiple awards. Many new DeFi projects were mentioned, and among them, the project TitanSwap, which was awarded the Most Noteworthy DEX of 2020, was really eye-catching. This award is undoubtedly a high recognition of the project, and also fully proves that TitanSwap has great potential for future development.

Titanswap is a liquidity mining DEX that supports multi-chain asset swapping and is dedicated to providing users with lower slippage, faster trading speed, more comprehensive trading data. richer order type and cross-chain asset swaps without losing any of the features of DEX.

TitanSwap is establishing the liquidity pool, Titan pool, and will adopt Titan Smart Route to realize the intelligent routing of orders across the chain and use Titan layer2 support as an optional scheme to improve the clearing and settlement efficiency on the chain and effectively reduce gas consumption. At the same time, TitanSwap will hold the on-chain orderbook mode. Titan automated order enriches the order types under the existing AMM mechanism and aggregates it through Titan orderbook aggregator, so as to further improve the user experience in the unmanaged and decentralized mode.


This series of innovation has attracted many users to TitanSwap, making the project stand out in the fierce competition and becomes the most noteworthy DEX platform.

Recently, Titan, the token of Titan swap, has gained gratifying growth. The current price is about $0.60, nearly tripled. With the support of the 2020 “star power” award and TitanSwap’s continuous innovation, the future of the project the value of Titan is promising.

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